MMA Hour #308 Makwan Amirkhani interview

I am a big fan of MMA Hour and Ariel as he is capable to bring out the person inside a fighter. I have become a fan of some fighters just because of the interviews. Many great interviews have happened, but this was definately not one of them. I was really waiting for this one and it was a massive disappointment.

Sure, maybe it was Makwan's fault for being late(?), but the interview felt very rushed. Some research should've been done before the interview. Sure, it was interesting to hear that he is changing fight camp and trying out Connor's camp in Ireland, but what everyone wants to know is WHY he left? Start the digging Ariel!

Also, the upcoming Makwan's fight (which Ariel didn't even remember) againt Mike Wilkinson (February 27) is an interesting crudge match. Makwan called him out right after he punched his training partner (Niklas Backstrom) after he was clearly out. Should be a heated match.

And lastly, Makwan has been hugely popular in social media, politics and actual media in Finland. He has commented and critized current refugee overflow into Finland (as he was himself as a kid) and also loudly disapproved young finns in street fight videos etc. So much that the actual fucking PRESIDENT OF FINLAND invited him to meet face-to-face. On December 6th (independence day) finnish national channel premiered an honest documentary on him. He told about his youth, racism, injury that drove him suicidal etc.

Makwan Amirkhani is such an interesting dude that Ariel should definately do a proper interview with him again. Or maybe even one of those classic walking interviews. That would be super.