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Training partner believes Jose Aldo will retire after UFC 194

Felipe Fiorito

Two-time K-1 Max champion Andy Souwer flew from Netherlands to Rio de Janeiro to help Jose Aldo prepare for another UFC title defense, and the Dutch striker believe it was his last trip to Brazil to train with the featherweight for a MMA fight.

Aldo enters his 8th UFC title defense on Dec. 12 facing interim champion Conor McGregor in the main event of UFC 194 in Las Vegas, and Souwer believes the Brazilian star will be entering the Octagon for the last time when he faces "The Notorious".

"To be honest, yeah I think. Yeah, I think so," Souwer told MMA Plus.

Souwer believes that a complicated relationship between Aldo and the UFC brass might contribute to his decision to retire, especially after the featherweight champion pulled out from a UFC 189 clash with McGregor due to a rib injury.

"So I think he's done with it. And ready. I will agree," Souwer said. "Whatever he is thinking, it's his decision. But I think it will be good for him."

Heading into what could be the last fight of his mixed martial arts career, Aldo is different than his previous training camps, Souwer says.

"The training was hard but fun, I never saw him like this before," said the Dutch. "Because I always saw him a little bit, almost stubborn, but this time I don’t know what happened he has a big smile. Almost every fight, every preparation that I help him, he is always in the first two rounds, he is okay, he’s good, then slows down, we also could see that in his fights, but for now six rounds, six minutes, he’s fucking the guys up."

Confident in his success, Souwer predicts McGregor "will go to sleep" at UFC 194.

"Jose Aldo is the pound-for-pound fighter in this weight class and he will succeed this time also," Souwer said. "It will be a fairytale story of course, but I’ll go for it."