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Dana White: Ronda Rousey is 'bigger now' than before loss to Holly Holm

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

One of the storylines coming out of UFC 193 was how much a knockout loss could affect Ronda Rousey's star power. The former women's bantamweight champion has made a lot of money based on the fact that she was an undefeated -- and nary unbeatable -- freight train of a fighter.

Dana White isn't worried about all that. The UFC president said Thursday on ESPN's "First Take" that Rousey might be a bigger star than she has ever been right now.

"It's crazy, because you win and lose in the fight game," White said. "It happens. It's funny because we were comparing her to Tyson, who had this invincibility. She was a Tyson. It was never more true than when she lost. Because when she lost, everybody was shocked. A hundred million people were talking about it on social media. And I actually think that Ronda Rousey is bigger now after the loss than she was before the fight. And there's gonna be a rematch."

White said that Rousey, 28, was in Las Vegas earlier this week and did a full "head-to-toe" medical examination. While, she had surgery to repair a split lip in Australia right after the Nov. 14 fight, Rousey is completely healthy, White said.

"She's fine," the UFC boss said. "Now she's just gotta take some time off, relax."

Rousey's next fight will be a rematch with Holm, White said. But as to when and where that will be, White said he's not even thinking about it and he won't be broaching the topic with Rousey any time soon.

"You have to give Ronda the time," White said. "When Ronda is ready to come back. There's literally no pressure on her whatsoever to think about anything as far as fighting goes."