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Georges St-Pierre on Sage Northcutt: 'I think he's going to be great'

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After Sage Northcutt made a big splash in his UFC debut, the Texas teenager made it clear there was one UFC fighter who inspired him more than the rest: Georges St-Pierre.

It's not tough to see why, as both come from karate backgrounds.

In the weeks since his swift UFC 192 knockout of Francisco Trevino, the 19-year-old Northcutt got his chance to work with St-Pierre, as the Houston-area native made a trip up to Montreal to train at the famed TriStar Gym.

And St-Pierre says he likes what he saw from Northcutt in the gym. On a recent edition of The MMA Hour, the former UFC welterweight champ sees a fighter with a bright future.

"He's very good," St-Pierre said. "He's a very good athlete, great raw talent. Now with technique, and he's surrounded himself with great people, his dad, and has a karate background. I think he's going to be great. He's got a great future, a good work ethic, he seems to have a lot of pride, he's a very proud person, which is very important, that's what makes you strong, I think he's going to be a great fighter."

Northcutt (6-0) returns to action on Dec. 10, when he meets Cody Pfister on the main card of UFC Fight Night 80 in Las Vegas. While it might be tempting to make comparisons between GSP and Northcutt based on their similar martial arts upbringings, St-Pierre doesn't want to put that kind of pressure on a young fighter who still has a long way to go.

"Sage Northcutt is Sage Northcutt," St-Pierre said. "Georges St-Pierre is Georges St-Pierre. I'm good at what I do, he's good at what he does. We are different people."