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Carlos Condit says Robbie Lawler is a 'more dangerous fighter' than Georges St-Pierre

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

LAS VEGAS -- UFC 195 won't be Carlos Condit's first big rodeo.

The JacksonWink MMA fighter and Albuquerque native has been involved in title fights going back to when he made his name in the sport as the WEC welterweight champion.

And he's taken his spot on the sport's biggest stages, defeating Nick Diaz for the UFC interim welterweight belt at UFC 144 and then losing the to longtime welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre at UFC 154.

So Condit isn't about to be fazed by the bright lights of Las Vegas as he gets set for what might be his last, best shot at UFC gold.

According to Condit, in fact, while the legendary St-Pierre had the undeniable shine of a superstar, he believes he's fighting an even more dangerous opponent this time around.

"Georges, he wasn't as dangerous but he did have his aura about him," Condit said at Wednesday's UFC 195 open workouts, which took place on the MGM Grand casino floor. "He had this mystique. Robbie not so much, but he's the more dangerous fighter."

Why does he feel that way? Well, maybe he saw Lawler's Match of the Year slugfest with Rory MacDonald. Either way, Condit understands that when he and the American Top Team fighter get in the cage, fans are expecting fireworks.

"They're going to lock us in the cage and me and Robbie Lawler are going to try to f------ kill each other," Condit said. "I think we're two of the most skilled guys in the division, for sure. If not the sport. I think we're going to go in there and put on a display of violence and aggression that people won't soon forget."