Love/Hate. MMA's Synonyms and Antonyms.

It's been a few days with the family during holiday season and I realized that I'm alone in my love for mix martial arts...well just...within my family.

I don't know about you but I've been blessed to be able to tell my Mother everything I do in my life. There are no secrets (well, those dark ones we all keep to ourselves but chances are we haven't acted on those yet) between her and I. She knows I drink too much and she knows I make the party that much greater mixing my intoxicated self with weed. There is a love/hate thing there. She wishes I wouldn't do it, but im funny as hell and caring as i gets intoxicated (wanted to sound like a hick there) who happens to makes her laugh! What I'm trying to say is we have certain loves in life and we should tell it all in a confession for our interests and detailed obsession with something.

1. If I talk shit it will backfire in my face.

Conor McGregor has proven time and time again that it's time everyone just talked like a cocky cunt and get shit done.

2. I'm afraid to tell friends what I really want.

Luke Rockhold has demonstrated in two full mounts that what you really want? Means fuck all and a tender face.

3. I just want to be so successful that I can give money to all my family. Return the favour.

There's only one on top and its all involved with sex, money and lies.