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Conor McGregor responds to callouts from Nate Diaz, Rafael dos Anjos

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Did you expect him to stay quiet?

Conor McGregor responded to callouts made by three fighters Saturday night at UFC on FOX 17 in Orlando. The new UFC featherweight champion, who has designs on moving up to lightweight and winning the title there, took to Twitter to address Rafael dos Anjos, Nate Diaz and Charles Oliveira, all of whom used McGregor's name in their post-fight interview.

"Line them up on their knees with their hands out," McGregor wrote. "I want them to beg me."

The tweet accompanied a photo of McGregor standing in front of one of his many cars.

Dos Anjos, the UFC lightweight champion, finished Donald Cerrone in just 1:06 on Saturday night. He looked incredibly impressive. Dos Anjos didn't really challenge McGregor so much as say he'd be ready to fight him if McGregor moved up.

Oliveira's challenge was random, considering he's a few wins away from a title shot and has had trouble making weight. Diaz might have made the best case, although no one heard it because FOX censored his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan due to all the expletives.

"F*ck that," Diaz said. "Conor McGregor, you're taking everything I worked for, mother f*cker. I'm gonna fight your f*cking ass. You know what's the real fight, what's the real money fight -- me. Not these clowns that you already punked at the press conference. Ain't nobody wants to see that. You know you can beat them already. It's an easy fight. You want the real sh*t. Right here."

McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds to unify the featherweight title at UFC 194 last week. He has a multitude of options, from a lightweight title fight against dos Anjos, to a featherweight defense versus Frankie Edgar to a rematch with Aldo. Maybe Diaz threw his hat in the ring, too, with an impressive unanimous decision win over Michael Johnson on Saturday.

Either way, "The Notorious" -- and whoever faces him -- stands to make a boatload of money.