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Alistair Overeem 'looking forward' to free agency, potential UFC title shot

Esther Lin photo

Alistair Overeem insists that going into the final fight of his UFC contract, he wasn't thinking too far into his future.

And you can't blame him it, really. After all, Junior dos Santos, his opponent at UFC on FOX 17 on Saturday night, is known for separating his foes from consciousness.

"My focus was on this big fight. My entire focus was on it," Overeem said at Saturday's post-fight press conference in Orlando. "My entire focus is on training and preparing and in that, I just do 100 percent that and nothing else."

But with a memorable second-round knockout of the former UFC heavyweight champion now in the books, Overeem can in fact look to his future.

"So this is a new reality," Overeem said. "So I'm going to have to look at it and what's going on, and I'm absolutely looking forward to it."

Overeem is a former Strikeforce heavyweight champ who has good relations with former Bellator boss Scott Coker. But the longtime vet admits that the fact he's now in line for a potential UFC heavyweight title shot is something that weighs on his mind as he enters his contract negotiation period.

"I do think that a title shot is there," Overeem said. "I'm very confident with the team and the people I have around me, that I can pull that off. Let's negotiate and see what happens."

During an at-times rocky run in the UFC -- Overeem was supposed to fight then-champion dos Santos for the title at UFC 146, but was pulled due to a drug-test related suspension -- it appeared he'd never get that title shot. But winning four out of his past five means he's either likely to get that shot, or get a whole lot of money to go elsewhere.

"I'm going to continue and I'm going to go back into camp in January and do whatever's next," he said.