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UFC on FOX 17 undercard live blog: Oliveira vs. Jury, more

Charles Oliveira and Myles Jury will headline the UFC on FOX 17 undercard Saturday night.
Charles Oliveira and Myles Jury will headline the UFC on FOX 17 undercard Saturday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC on FOX 17 undercard blog for the UFC on FOX 17 event at the Amway Center in Orlando on Saturday night.

There will be nine fights on the UFC on FOX 17 undercard. Charles Oliveira vs. Myles Jury, C.B. Dollaway vs. Nate Marquardt, Sarah Kaufman vs. Valentina Shevchenko, Josh Samman vs. Tamdan McCrory, Nik Lentz vs. Danny Castillo, Cole Miller vs. Jim Alers, Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman, Hayder Hassan vs. Vicente Luque, and
Luiz Henrique vs. Francis Ngannou are featured.

Check out the UFC on FOX 17 undercard live blog below.

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Luiz Henrique vs. Francis Ngannou
Round 1: First of nine prelims kicking off. Referee for this heavyweight bout is John Hosegood. Ngannou quickly to center, an the throws a leg kick before a couple of heavy shots send him back. Crazy first exchange. That keeps up somebody's going out. Bug leg kick from Ngannou is caught by Henrique, and he takes the Parisian down. Now in Ngannou's guard, he is trying to get some ground and pound going. He postures up, and now stands, and Ngannou tries to blast him with upkicks. He's spinning his legs, but Henrique jumps back in guard, and plants his head through Ngannou's chest. Now he's got a little room to work, and he's hammerfisting while Ngannou muzzles his mouth to cut his breathing. A couple of nice shots from Henrique on the ground, working the body. Big elbow from top glances off Ngannou, didn't get him clean...but it drew a reaction from the crowd. Now Hosegood stands them up, and that too draws a reaction. Another takedown attempt by Henrique, who slams into Ngannou's middle and pushes him to the links. Ngannou isn't budging, and they are at a temporary impasse. Knee from Ngannou lands loudly inside. Referee finally pries them apart and starts them in the middle. Big one-two from Ngannou, the right hand landing. Now Henrique comes charging forward, and they exchange leather as Henrique works for one last takedown. Can't get it. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Henrique, 10-9.

Round 2: They stalk out. Ngannou sizing up Henrique, trying to cut off cage. Leg kick from Ngannou. Big trade on the fence, and when these guys connect you can hear it in the rafters at Amway. Henrique charges in again, and as he presses Ngannou lands a knee in the clinch. But now he's fending off another Henrique takedown. Henrique trying to leverage low, but Ngannou has his wrists. Referee warns Henrique to work. The boos come down. And the ref separates them. They trade after a moment, and Henrique — as if by default — throws his hulk into Ngannou and shoves him back up to the fence. This time Ngannou able to clear him away, and back to center. Nice left hand connects flush for Ngannou, and now he's throwing a series of them on the fence. BOOM! Down goes Henrique! He is knocked out violently! It was a left uppercut that felled him, and he went stiff, slammed his head on the canvas as he fell. That was a massive knockout for Ngannou, who has been trying to set that up all fight.

UFC on FOX 17 official results: Francis Ngannou def. Luiz Henrique via knockout at 2:53 of R2

Hayder Hassan vs. Vicente Luque
Round 1: The Blackzilians' Luque taking on ATT's Hassan in a rematch back to TUF 21. Referee is Jorge Alonso. No touch of gloves, and Luque circles. One off leg kicks from Hassan to start. Now he comes in high with a kick that is blocked by Luque. They exchange, and Luque coming forward. Nice shot there from Hassan; already some redness on Luque's face. Another exchange on the fence, and Luque sneaks a little uppercut through in counter. Luque pressing, and he eats a couple of body shots. Now Luque throws up top, and immediately takes it to the canvas and he's got an anaconda in play. They are rotating, but this is deep. And it looks like Hassan is out! He is! No tap, but referee sees his legs twitching and stops the fight. Convulsions, as Hassan lays on the canvas. He gets up suddenly, and doesn't know that he was out. The referee is acting as the bearer of bad news.

Vicente Luque def. Hayder Hassan via submission (Anaconda) at 2:13 of R1

Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman
Round 1: Third man is Big Dan Miragliotta. Usman crawls out of corner, and they are off. Short left hand from Edwards catches a leaning Usman, and they tie up...frantic scramble across the fence, both guys punch. Now they settle in the middle, and Usman shoots in for a double. Edwards sprawls, and they hit the fence. Usman still doggedly trying to drag Edwards down, and they are slinking lower and lower. Inside knees from Usman, trying to peel Edwards off the fence, and now Edwards rolls away and they are back at center. Nice left from Edwards, but he pays the price too on the counter up top. Again Usman shoots and they bounce off the fence, and this time Edwards is taken down. Usman immediately into Edwards' guard. Edwards controlling Usman's wrists. And now he's trying to sink a triangle, and Usman is in a bad spot. Problem is that Edwards had his arm pinned in the limb entanglement, but he's now free. He still has Usman squeezed tight, and he lands an elbow from bottom, swiped it right across his head. Usman now frees up and lands some shots, before Edwards scoots to his feet. Usman stays on him on fence, and that's where the round ends. Good round. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Edwards, 10-9.

Round 2: Edwards jabbing with his right, and he catches a leg kick and spins Usman back on his heels. They exchange in center, and Usman lands clean. Now they hit the fence, and Usman — that bull — takes Edwards down. This time Edwards is close to fence, and he scoots on his butt into a sitting position, while Usman trying to lengthen him back out. Usman on all fours trying to flatten out Edwards. They stand, but Usman still on him, and he's landing knees to the back of Edwards' thighs. The struggle continues. After 30 seconds of toil, Edwards able to turn Usman around and now he's trying to exact some offense. Miragliotta, sensing a stalemate, separates them. Edwards now free to roam is headhunting from range, and he connects. But Usman is planting and firing back. Crazy little sequence, where Usman was trying to part Edwards of his wits. Then — ouch — a knee hits Usman square in the groin. Timeout. He takes 30 seconds, and he's okay. They clinch, and Usman backs Edwards into the fence. He scores a trip takedown there, and now he's trying to feed Edwards a couple of elbows. Round ends. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Usman, 10-9 (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Third and final round. Both guys still look pretty fresh. Just as Usman moves in with a punch, Edwards counters with a right that lands. Usman ducks and literally tackles right through Edwards body, and they collapse in a heap on the fence. Edwards trying to wall walk, but Usman is on him; as he stands for a brief moment, Usman drags him back down. He stands again, and carries Usman on his back. Big knees to the small of Edwards back from Usman, who is now standing with Edwards on the fence, still kneeing his bum/thighs. Shoulder strikes from Usman as Edwards rights himself. The takedown is still the threat, and Edwards might be getting frustrated a bit here. Usman gets his wrists cinched behind Edwards' knees and he lifts him up, and drops him to the canvas. This time half-guard, but it's a scramble. Edwards is trying to once again stand up, but Usman is grinding him. A series of left hands from that position from Usman, and now back to the knees. It's all Usman in this round. Edwards stands, but once again he has Usman right on him. Down Edwards goes again. Miragliotta warns Edwards from grabbing cage. Now Usman is raining punches, right hands into Edwards' temple. Back to knees. One-sided, emphatic round for Usman, who should win the fight. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Usman, 10-9 (29-28 overall for Usman).

UFC on FOX 17 official results: Kamaru Usman def. Leon Edwards via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Cole Miller vs. Jim Alers
Round 1: The Florida native Miller looks pretty amped to be here. Herb Dean is the referee. Alers pacing back and forth right before Dean called them together. They touch gloves, and Alers takes a leg kick before returning fire with on. They spend the next bit circling. Leg kicks from Alers leads to nice exchange, and Miller slams home a right hand. Now it's Miller using his left jab, and Alers comes in high to the body with a kick. A little careful early, both guys looking for that opening. More leg kicks from Alers, but they aren't doing much. Miller throws a right straight down the pike that hits. Alers looking to work the body, and then he dekes there and comes up top with a combo — nothing connects flush. Miller also trying to get his kicks going. Right now he's maintaining center, while Alers circles. Alers comes in with a flurry, and he might have caught Miller with the last shot. Missed ax kick by Miller gets a "whoa" from the crowd. Miller staying on Alers, and they plant and trade near the fence. Miller might have taken the brunt of that. Bit right hand from Alers there rocks Miller back a bit. Leg kick from Miller. Alers pushing the action now and they clinch. After a brief toil, Miller fires a right hand and misses on the break. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Miller, 10-9.

Round 2: Referee and doctor taking a prolonged look at Alers, but he's fine. They touch gloves, and Alers waves the jab at Miller, who for a moment went off balance. A lot of movement to set up shots by Alers, but he's having trouble finding his range. Body kick from Miller lands, and the action is picking up. Looks like Miller might have taken a finger to the eye, and he peels off while Dean checks him. Definitely took a finger in the eye upon the replay. Doctors evaluating Miller, who is wincing. Pretty ugly eye poke. And that's it. Herb Dean says it's over. Miller unable to continue. Upon receiving the news, Alers punched the cage. He is deeply disappointed. Cole Miller can't open his eye.

UFC on FOX 17 official results: This fight is declared a "no contest" at 1:44 of R2 due to the eyepoke.

Nik Lentz vs. Danny Castillo
Round 1: The referee for this one is John Hosegood. The don't touch gloves. Castillo circles right off, and now crouches down and looks for an opening. They clinch for a moment after a missed punch by Lentz, but nothing much happening. Lentz comes in and counters with a high kick. Nice right hand from Castillo, but he takes a kick to the body for his effort. Now Castillo shoots in and tries to take Lentz down; can't. After a skirmish on the fence, Lentz does the same thing. And now Lentz just throws Castillo hard into the canvas, like he was heaving a sack of potatoes. Now Lentz is fishing for Castillo's neck, and as he comes up Castillo shows the referee a thumb's up. Lentz not letting it go. He's trying to finish Castillo, but now Castillo pops out and Castillo is on top. Half-guard, and Castillo looking to advance. Once again Lentz snatches his neck, but Castillo pops out and for a moment into side control. Now Castillo trying for some ground and pound, and Lentz sneaks out as he tries to advance. High kick and Lentz hits him with a follow-up punch. Another left and then big right hand from Lentz. Castillo returns fire and Lentz eats that. Lentz might be tiring a bit. A little slip there and Lentz gets back up...they stay on fence in clinch, and that's the round. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Lentz, 10-9.

Round 2: Lentz to middle, and Castillo attacks his lead leg with a kick. Head kick from Castillo is partially blocked, and Lentz fires off a combo. Nice trade there, and Lentz with the heavier blow. Lentz keeps moving forward and walks right into a Castillo left. Lentz gets low for a takedown, but it's not there. Big swing and a miss by Castillo, who then takes a body kick that was loud. Lentz still pressing forward, albeit slower. Castillo lands the jab again on the advancement, and he's finding a home for that thing. Huge right hand from Lentz after setting up with a pair of lefts. Now Lentz takes Castillo down. They stay there for a few moments and Castillo pops back up. Body kick from Lentz. Some blood on Castillo's nose. He tries to take Lentz down, but can't get his legs behind it. Both guys keeping their hands low. Once again, Lentz grabs Castillo's neck and — once again — gives up position when Castillo pops out. Castillo now on top on the ground, and straight into side control. Lentz able to bull his way back up. Lentz winning, but giving up positioning at turns. Lentz now throwing slow punches, but Castillo can't get out of the way of them that well. Head kick by Castillo to end the round. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Lentz, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

Round 3: We'll see how much gas is left in the tank here for either guy. Castillo looked dead tired at the end of that round. They touch gloves. Lentz moves in an throws a straight-cross combo. Leg kick from Castillo; Lentz cliinches and once again he throws Castillo awkwardly to the canvas. Can't keep him there, but scores on that. Castillo misses with right and Lentz punishes him with a kick. Castillo shoots and as he does Lentz again takes his neck, and once again, nothing doing. Castillo trying to improve his position, but Lentz is back up. Castillo just palms Lentz's face as Lentz moves in. Both guys fighting dead tired. That first round was kept at too high a pace. They exchange body kicks, and Castillo does a hot lap backwards. He takes Lentz down for a moment on the fence, but nothing happening there either. Lentz slugging away now inside, as they come together on fence. Knees to the body from the clinch. Lentz trying to dump Castillo. Instead it's Castillo who muscles Lentz down. As they stand, Lentz lands a big shot that rocked Castillo. He takes a deep, wobbling breath and looks at the clock. Lentz again strafes from range. Lentz with a lunging uppercut, and they trade kicks. Both guys are beat. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Lentz, 10-9 (30-27 overall for Lentz)

UFC on FOX 17 official results: Nik Lentz def. Danny Castillo via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Josh Samman vs. Tamdan McCrory
Round 1: McCrory to the center, and Samman coming in slipped a bit, and the Barn Cat pounces. He has Samman tied up on fence, fending on a knee. Samman powers back to his feel, but McCrory is still posting his tall 6-foot-5 frame into him. Knee from McCrory in tight. And another, as Samman is trying to wrest himself free. Now Samman pushes the action backwards, and along the other fence takes McCrory down. Samman can't get much space, but he's got McCrory twisting on his back, trying to avoid any damage. Samman moves McCrory's frame more to the middle, and he falls into his guard. McCrory is looking for a potential triangle, and now he's got Samman's arm. Hell of a scramble ensues! It ends with McCrory temporarily on top, and then Samman sweeps. Now he's opening up in McCrory's half-guard. Crazy sequences here in this fight so far. They scramble again. and McCrory snatches Samman's back. Samman now rolls, and ends up on top again. Some ground and pound by Samman, who has his left arm free to deploy. He postures up and literally boxes McCrory's ears. What a round. Damn. Hard to score. MMA Fighting scores R1 for McCrory, 10-9.

Round 2: Samman wastes no time, shoots in and after a brief moment, dumps McCrory on his back along fence. He postures up and drops a right hand through. Samman trying to cut off McCrory's wind by covering his mouth. Again Barn Cat is trying to snatch whatever limb he can get, and he's got a rubber guard right now. McCrory scrambles and just like that he has side control on Samman — now he has his back. This fight is one momentum shift after another, these scrambles are elegant. McCrory able to create space on top, and he unloads a barrage of lefts that Samman deals with. Now elbows, and more fists from McCrory, who is pouring it on. Samman has his back to the fence. He is trying to stand, but McCrory is on him. Again, McCrory gets space enough to land some punches, as Samman turtles up. Referee watching close, but Samman doesn't seem like he's close to going out — he just can't get out of the current fix. From bottom, he lands an elbow. Now he ties up McCrory's arms best he can, and drags him into his chest. McCrory transitions, and now he's on Samman's inside, his back shoulder leaning into Samman's jaw. Looks like the round will end in that pickle. MMA Fighting scores R2 for McCrory, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

Round 3: Head kick from McCrory, and Samman returns the favor. Now Samman moves in for a takedown, and McCrory — all awkward torque — twists Samman down instead. He momentarily has Samman's back, but Samman rolls. Still, McCrory right on top, and he's landing the right hand. He stands and lays into the supine Samman with a flurry of punches. Samman is slowly being dismantled here. McCrory — who last fought in the UFC five years ago — has a little something for Samman wherever the fight goes. Right now he is twisting Samman into odd configurations, , and now he slams him back against the fence. More punches from McCrory, as he gets just enough room to punish Samman. Samman now turns the tables on McCrory, and he ends up on top, in McCrory's guard. This fight just keeps developing into unexpected things. McCrory trying to submit Samman here with a triangle, his long legs squeezing down. It's tight! Not a good position for Samman, and there it is! The tap from Samman. The Barn Cat is back!

UFC on FOX 17 official results: Tamdan McCrory def. Josh Samman via submission (triangle) at 4:10 of R3

Sarah Kaufman vs. Valentina Shevchenko
Round 1: Miragliotta is the ref. Kaufman spurns the glove touch. Kaufman moves in looking to crowd Shevchenko, but the newcomer gets out of there. Now Kaufman moves in again and Shevchenko ducks low, and clinches. She has Kaufman on the fence, and she lands a knee. Shevchenko turns Kaufman off the cage and takes her down. Not the expected start here. Shevchenko in Kaufman's guard, yet right now the Canadian has her tied up. As Shevchenko tries to advance, Kaufman uses her let to push Shevchenko over, and she's up. But only for a moment, as Shevchenko scrambles and ends up back on top again on the fence. Kaufman muscles her way back up. She's already got some swelling on her face. Now Kaufman shoots in for a single leg, and instead she gets pushed to her back. Kaufman maybe a little overzealous here, given the time away. But right now Shevchenko is winning the round. She's got Kaufman on the fence and she's landing knee. The round will end with Shevchenko tying Kaufman up on fence. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Shevchenko, 10-9.

Round 2: Kaufman to center, and she's looking for an opening — and there's the danger we suspected from Shevchenko. She misses narrowly on a spinning punch, follow-up to a kick. Kaufman able to push her against the cage, and now they are rotating along the links. Kaufman breaks away, and again Shevchenko throws a spinning backfist. They tie up, and back to the fence we go. Inside knees from Shevchenko, who is controlling Kauman in close. Bg swing and miss from Shevchenko, who now breaks form Kaufman. They come right back together, and Shevchenko throws Kaufman down. You'd think that Shevchenko was the veteran of the Octagon. Kaufman trying to stay busy on bottom, throwing punches. But midway through the second round, Shevchenko is staying on her. She's in Kaufman's guard, and finding room now for some G&P. Kaufman finally able to push her off with her legs, and they exchange. A fast-spinning elbow might have got Kaufman, but she walked through it to the fence, where she has Shevchenko tied up. Kaufman landing knees in that position, trying to get back in this thing. It's going to end right there, as the round closes out. Kaufman will likely need a finish to win this. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Shevchenko, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

Round 3:
Kaufman to center, and as she embarks Shevchenko waves two fast-sequence high front kicks that both miss. Kaufman, nonplussed, shoves Shevchenko to the fence, and they trade position there. Even in the clinch/toils, it feels like Kaufman is coming up short. She doesn't have many answers, as Shevchenko swings her down to the ground. Kaufman back up. On breaking, Shevchenko slams a right hand home. Kaufman grabs her again in the middle of the cage, and drives her back to the fence after an errant exchange. Kaufman's trying hard for the takedown, and finally gets it. She's in side control. This is the best position she's been in in this fight. Kaufman is looking to pry one of Shevchenko's arms loose for a sub, but so far she can't get it. Almost moved to a north-south there, as Kaufman moved high, but she's back in side control, landing short elbows into Shevchenko's ribs. They rotate, as Kaufman is grinding, but she's not doing much damage (in fact, none). More elbows from Kaufman into Shevchenko's rib cage, and now a north-south. Again, Kaufman corrects her course into side control, and that time landed a big elbow to Shevchenko's face. She gets full mount! Too little too late, though! She tried for hail Mary submission, but slipped off. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Kaufman, 10- (29-28 overall for Shevchenko)

UFC on FOX 17 official results: Valentina Shevchenko def. Sarah Kaufman via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

C.B. Dollaway vs. Nate Marquardt

Round 1: Herb Dean is the third man in the cage. Dollaway with quick touch of gloves and right to work. After a brief look, he comes in with a leg kick. Now he comes in high with a kick, and a minute in Marquardt throws his first strike — a half-hearted number that missed. A lot of movement from Marquardt to avoid taking anything big early. They trade jabs and bounce off each other. As Dollaway swoops in, Marquardt tries to punish him with a shot on fence, and Dollaway lets a body kick fly. Another high kick from Dollaway, and now Marquardt hits him with a couple of inside leg kicks. Some redness on Dollaways' thorax from that earlier kick. Marquardt spins around the cage as Dollaway pursues. Now here's a big moment for Dollaway, who catches Marquardt with a combination on fence. The last shot seemed to buckle him, but he survives it and we're back to center. Big right hand counter from Marquardt, and right after Dollaway tries to dump him with a takedown. High kick from Dollaway blocked for the most part. Good exchange at the end of the round, and the crowd groans its disapproval. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Dollaway, 10-9.

Round 2: Marquardt looking for his opening here. Dolloway pursuing him, and just as he comes in with a punch Marquardt floors him with a right hand! BOOM! That's it, the fight's over. What a wicked right from Marquardt, who caught Dollaway as he was coming in. That punch was dead on the money.

UFC on FOX 17 official results: Nate Marquardt def. CB Dollaway via KO (punch) at :28 or R2

Charles Oliveira vs. Myles Jury
Round 1: John Hosegood is the referee for this one. They touch gloves. Jury rolls around in southpaw stance. He comes in and drops that left, and Oliveira is there to answer with a right hand of his own. Jury with a jab and he misses with the follow-up. Leg kick from Oliveira, and another. Push kick from Oliveira nearly got himself caught. Now Oliveira moves in an tries to take Jury down, and...get gets it. Jury is rolling, and he gives up his back. Jury in a bad spot already. Oliveira has a body lock, and is trying to get the rear-naked. Jury rolls, but the Brazilian stays on him. Oliveira keeping the heat, but Jury finally shirks him, and he's up. But Oliveira grab his neck, and he's got a tight standing guillotine, very tight. Jury trying to rid himself, but can't...and there's the tap. Wow. Oliveira was almost horizontal as Jury held him up. That was one hell of a showing for Oliveira.

UFC on FOX 17 official results: Charles Oliveira def. Myles Jury via submission (guillotine) at 3:05 of R1

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