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Jose Aldo: UFC 194 loss is ‘too hard to digest’

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Jose Aldo’s reign as featherweight champion lasted six years and 25 days, from a dominant win over Mike Brown to win the WEC championship to his UFC 194 loss against Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

"It still is too hard to digest," Aldo told Combate a day after losing to "The Notorious" in just 13 seconds. "We trained hard, did everything right, and the result wasn’t positive. It takes a while for us to digest, but it’s part (of the sport). It’s a sport and we have to accept."

Aldo admits he already watched the fight, and also remembers his decision to attack with a combination, creating an opportunity for McGregor to counter.

"So, there wasn’t even a fight, right? Only 13 seconds," he said. "And I also remember when I came in, how I tried to punch. But, man, it’s hard to say know if it’s (his) success or (my) mistake. It’s a quick decision, and he was able to connect a good punch when I tried a combination."

Following nine successful title defenses in WEC and UFC, Aldo thinks he deserves an immediate rematch. They spoke with UFC president Dana White right after the contest, but have yet to discuss his future.

"We spoke (with Dana White) right after. But I think it’s too soon to talk," he said. "Of course, I want a rematch, and I think I have this right. Not only me, but my career speaks for itself.

"It wasn’t this time, but we will come out victorious, for sure," he added. "It’s a sport, we have to accept. Not only from wins you live your life. That makes us stronger. Way stronger. You can be sure that we will come back stronger, more champion than I was before."