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Jon Jones, Anderson Silva get into faux sparring match on streets of New York

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

This is the closest we'll ever come to seeing the real thing.

Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, arguably the two best MMA fighters in history, got into a faux sparring match on the streets of New York City on Saturday. Jones posted the video on Twitter, but honestly, people might have actually paid $60 just to watch them almost hit each other.

Jones and Silva are in New York for an MMA expo, which coincided with a rally this week to get the sport legalized in the state. The UFC has scheduled a pay-per-view event at Madison Square Garden in April and will hope that a judge allows them to do it. Jones, a native of upstate New York, wants to be in the main event -- in a rematch with current champion and blood rival Daniel Cormier.

The two men have had their issues recently. Jones is coming off a UFC suspension and having his title stripped after a felony hit-and-run arrest. Silva was suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission for one year for testing positive for steroids at UFC 183. "The Spider" is likely to return early in 2016, perhaps in March against Vitor Belfort in Brazil.

The UFC wanted to put together a fight between Jones and Silva when both were holding titles -- Jones, the light heavyweight belt and Silva at middleweight -- but neither was really interested. The two have formed a friendship over the years. When Silva was knocked out by Chris Weidman in 2013, that, and the considerable age gap, essentially ended all hope of the superfight becoming a reality.

But hey, at least we get these cool clips once in a while.