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Aljamain Sterling wouldn't mind a fight with Bryan Caraway, if he'd 'stop hiding under Miesha Tate's tit and fight'

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LAS VEGAS – Aljamain Sterling is a free agent. And after Thursday night's victory over Johnny Eduardo at UFC Fight Night 80, he's an undefeated free agent with three straight finishes in the UFC.

In other words, "The Funk Master" is on solid footing right at a moment when it's time to get paid.

During the post-fight press conference, the Serra-Longo fighter was asked about the statement he made.

"Let's line them up, man — let's line them up," Sterling said. "And I'll keep choking them out one-by-one. That's the mind I'm going by. I've got three fights, three finishes, and if I had my UFC debut on a little bit more notice I'd have won that one too, and I'd be four for four.

"I'm blessed with a wonderful team and it's just, I'm filled with a lot of emotions right now because I went through a lot of adversity just to get to this fight. And I told myself, man you can't go out there and pull out of this fight after you been bitching and complaining about not having a fight for so goddamn long. That was the last thing I was ever going to do. I'm just glad I stuck through it and, man, it's just a blessing I was able to go out there and put on such a dominating performance against over another top ten guy."

The 26-year old Sterling finished the fight in the second round via a guillotine choke. Much of the talk surrounding the bout was that he was risking his status as a free agent, having turned down an initial offer from the UFC.

UFC president Dana White said that Sterling was free to go out and explore free agency, and if he got a deal he could bring it back to Zuffa for them to potentially match. When asked if he'd let it get that far, rather than offer Sterling another deal on the heels of his victory, White smiled and said simply that he liked Sterling.

Sterling talked as if his future might be in the UFC, as well. He said he thought he was a threat to T.J. Dillashaw and Dominick Cruz (who fight next month in Boston), as well as any others at the top of the bantamweight division.

He even went so far as to name names.

"Oh yeah, 100 percent," he said. "I got my eye on that title fight in January. I know [Urijah] Faber's most likely the most logical guy for the title shot. It just makes sense. Him having such a big rivalry with Cruz and Dillashaw. So it makes sense, and that's the big money fight right there.

"[But] I think I'm the next guy in line. You've got Raphael Assuncao, he's got a seven-fight win streak right now, but he's injured, coming back from injury. So I go toe-to-toe next, or maybe Bryan Caraway will stop hiding under Miesha Tate's tit and fight me."