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Freddie Roach: Georges St-Pierre planning six-week test training camp to determine comeback

Georges St-Pierre is going to be doing more than just entertaining the thought of coming back. He's going to put the idea into action. Sort of.

The former UFC welterweight champion's longtime boxing coach Freddie Roach told Fight Hub (h/t MMA Mania) this week that St-Pierre is going to do a test training camp to determine whether or not he still has the desire to fight. GSP has not competed since 2013 after vacating his title and going on hiatus, citing personal issues.

"He's gonna train for a fight," said Roach, who worked with St-Pierre recently at his Wild Card Gym in Hollywood. "He's gonna have a six-week training camp. And at the end of the six weeks, if he feels like he's ready to fight and he's hungry for it like he always has been, he's gonna do it. He's gonna fight one more time."

There is still a big "if" there. If St-Pierre, 34, isn't into it anymore, he's going to make his retirement official, according to Roach.

"If he doesn't feel it and he feels like it's just not there, he's gonna let it go and he's gonna retire," Roach said. "I think it's a really good idea. I think it's really, really smart to do that, to see where he's at in his mind."

St-Pierre beat Johny Hendricks via split decision at UFC 167 on Nov. 16, 2013. Afterward, he vaguely said he'd be stepping away from the sport for a period of time due to even more unclear reasons. Weeks later, GSP announced on a media conference call that he would be giving up his title and going on an extended hiatus. He has never used the word retirement, though.

The MMA legend tore his ACL in the spring of 2014, so any potential thoughts of a comeback last year were scuttled. He has remained a regular at Tristar Gym in Montreal and was recently photographed there training with UFC hot prospect Sage Northcutt.

In an interview with RDS of Montreal last month, St-Pierre said he was getting the itch to return "more and more." Now, it seems there is a plan of action he'll be carrying out.

"Does he really want to fight again or not?" Roach said. "I really look forward to this training camp."

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