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‘Jacare’ Souza going after Dana White if he doesn’t get title shot after UFC 194

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Ronaldo Souza got past every single middleweight the UFC put in front of him inside the Octagon, and he wants no one else besides the champion after UFC 194.

Matched up against top contender Yoel Romero on Dec. 12, "Jacare" demands a title shot if he’s victorious in Las Vegas.

"I’m not thinking about this," Souza said of the possibility of not being the next in line. "Here’s the deal: I will defeat Romero, and I’ll get Dana White later. I can’t get that matchmaker (Joe Silva) because he’s too small. Dana White is a bit bigger.

"I’m next, I don’t want any blah-blah-blah, who wins and who loses. I want to be the next in line. I want to beat Romero. I know I have to work first, and I have a tough fight against Romero. My goal is to get past him and I’m gonna do that, and I will be the next for the title."

A former Strikeforce middleweight champion, the Brazilian grappler vows to put on a show at UFC 194.

"I have huge expectations," he said. "I’m fighting in a big card. I’m really happy and motivated with this possibility. And I believe I’m going to do a great fight… He’s a tough opponent. He’s so strong he shouldn’t even exist. That guy is really strong, but I’m prepared to go in there and put him in trouble with my game."

Taking Romero to the ground is not an easy task, but "Jacare" is confident he will be able to use his jiu-jitsu inside the Octagon in December.

"You look at your opponent’s fight, and he went down in every single fight. He really went down," Souza said. "Things happened in every fight, but I won’t talk about it. I have weapons to beat him and I’m ready to use them to win."

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