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Ronda Rousey provided support for Jon Jones during his 'darkest hour'

Jon Jones has had a tough year, beginning with a positive test for cocaine and following with a felony hit-and-run arrest in April.

Jones told MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani in an in-depth interview this week that his family, teammates, coaches and management team were all integral in their support over the last seven months or so. The former UFC light heavyweight champion said that Ronda Rousey was there for him during the toughest times as well.

"Ronda has actually been very supportive of me," Jones said. "She texted me quite a few times, man. She even invited me to come and stay at her beach house in California. 'Jon, you're going to come back from this. Anything I can do for you, you let me know. If you want to get away, I got a house here and not many people know where it's at or whatever. It's your house until you get right.'"

Jones was impressed that despite everything Rousey had going on -- from title defenses to movies to commercials -- she had time to reach out to him when he was in need.

"Stuff like that just shows you, man, this girl is on top of the world right now and she's sitting here thinking about me at my darkest hour," Jones said. "That's something that I'll never forget."

Jones was arrested in April after fleeing the scene after his rental vehicle crashed into a car carrying a pregnant woman. The woman ended up breaking her arm and Jones was charged with felony leaving the scene of an accident involving death or serious injury. In October, Jones pleaded guilty to the charge and was given a conditional discharge. He'll have to complete 18 months of probation and 72 days of community service. If he does so, the charge will be struck from his record.

Another fellow fighter who reached out to Jones during the troubling time was UFC interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor.

"[He said], 'Hey champ, once a champ, always a champ. I believe you're going to come back from this strong,'" Jones said. "Just writing these words of encouragement."

Jones was reinstated by the UFC in late October. He's expected to return in a title fight against current champion Daniel Cormier sometime in the first half of 2016. Jones was suspended and had his title stripped following the arrest. Cormier stepped in for him against Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 in May and won the interim belt.

"Bones" is looking forward to getting back in the Octagon and he's not sure if he'd be at this point if not for all the people in his life lending a hand.

"A lot of people believe in me," Jones said. "They know I get fired up from adversity. I'm not a guy that crawls up into a ball and quits when things get hard. I'm a fighter. I'm resilient. A lot of people just felt that Jon is going to come back and fight. And sure enough, that's what I'm getting ready to do."

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