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Floyd Mayweather offers to help Ronda Rousey: ‘She needs some time off’

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey have gone back and forth in interviews for a long time, but the boxing star is out to support "Rowdy" following her first loss as a mixed martial artist.

Days after former boxing world champion Holly Holm defeated Rousey to win the UFC bantamweight championship in Melbourne, Mayweather has offered to help the former champion with her boxing skills.

"I want Ronda Rousey to hold her head up high and don't let this discourage you," Mayweather told Fight Hype. "If you need help as far as with boxing, I'm here to help you. It's all about timing and inches. Her ground game is unbelievable. She'll be okay."

Mayweather says he’s proud of both Holm and Rousey, but is against an immediate rematch.

"Me as a former fighter, I think that she needs some time off to regroup and refocus," he said. "I think they're rushing her. They need to build Ronda Rousey back up, her confidence back up, even though I think she's probably still confident. Let Holly fight, defend the title a few times, and build it. That's what I would do, looking at it as being a former fighter and now promoter. I wouldn't rush it.

"What I would do, I would put them on the same card fighting against different opponents and then slowly build it up. It's all about timing. That's what I did with the (Manny) Pacquiao fight. The fight went from me making 100 million to me making 300 million, so it's all about timing."

One of the biggest stars in boxing history, Mayweather also praised UFC’s success while promoting women’s mixed martial arts, breaking several records with UFC 193 in Australia.

"I commend Dana White and the Fertitta brothers for being able to take a female and make her so huge in a contact sport," Mayweather said. "I commend them for that, but (Rousey) had to do her part also, and she did her part. If I was her, I would've used Floyd Mayweather's name also. She's supposed to do that. It's business, it's not personal, and I understand business."

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