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Louis Smolka: 'I'm not here to sell out or be a star'

Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

After submitting hometown hero Paddy Holohan at UFC Fight Night 76 in Dublin, Ireland, Louis Smolka is not sure if that victory was any different than his other professional wins.

"I’m not sure honestly," said Smolka on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. "I feel like every fight is a huge turning point. Every fight is important."

But this fight may be more important than his previous ones.

With this win, Smolka entered the top 15 of the UFC’s flyweight division and is now 10-1 with three straight wins inside the octagon. He also made history, along with Holohan, by being part of the first flyweight main event in the UFC that’s doesn’t involve the current champion Demetrious Johnson.

Additionally, Smolka’s performance caught the attention of fellow UFC flyweight Sergio Pettis. Reported on UFC Tonight, Pettis is looking to fight Smolka, but instead the 24-year-old Hawaiian prospect is looking to fight Pettis’ teammate.

"I would prefer to fight Dustin Ortiz. I just want the higher ranked fight. I have more to gain from it," explained Smolka.

"He [Pettis] might be a bigger name but I’m not in in this for name value; I’m in this to make my way to the top," Smolka continued. "I’m not here to sell out or be a star. I’m here to work my way to the top. The star power will come if I keep working my way up."

Smolka, believes that if he can put together a few more victories he could enter into title contention.

"Honestly, three wins. If I could get three more straight wins I think I’d be right there," said Smolka.

But for now, ‘The Last Samurai" will be taking time off fighting. Him and his girlfriend are expecting a baby around the end of December.

"I’m excited but sometimes I freak out. It’s kind of like when I’m getting ready to fight," said Smolka.

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