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Luis Santos: ‘Pu--y’ Ben Askren’s demands don’t make sense

ONE Championship

No decision has been made yet for the ONE Championship 35 main event, but Luis Santos isn’t happy with Ben Askren’s decision.

Scheduled to take on welterweight champion Askren in a five-round battle in Singapore on Friday, Santos failed to make weight, coming in two pounds over the 170-pound limit, and "Funky" won’t accept to fight him unless he shows up under 190 pounds in a second weigh-in slated for tonight.

Disappointed for missing weight, "Sapo" isn’t confident he will be able to hold his weight down until the fight, and believes Askren could be using this as an excuse not to fight.

"I will weigh-in again at 1pm (local time, midnight ET) because this pu--y is demanding that," Santos told "He hides on Twitter, talks trash about others. Crazy American. He’s garbage."

"Askren is an idiot," he continued. "He talks trash because I’m 900g (2 pounds) over after a tough weight cut, and he’s coming with several demands that I can’t be heavier. That doesn’t make sense. If the fight is not for the belt, why does it matter? At this point he’s just scared. I’m ready to fight him, but it looks like he’s not. If he was the one 900g over, I’d fight him anyway."

Santos didn’t specify how much he weights right now, but is already around 190 pounds after rehydrating.

"I just had some water and juice and I’m already at that weight, imagine after eating?" he said. "That sucks. It doesn’t make sense for me to hold my weight down. If he wants to fight me even if it’s not for the title, he can’t make those demands. That doesn’t make any sense. He’s hiding behind this accident, but whatever. I’m waiting for their decision. I trained hard to fight a guy that fights wrestling instead of MMA."

Entering the 73rd fight of his MMA career, "Sapo" believes the long flight between Florida and Singapore messed up with his weight cut.

"I left Florida 6 kilos (13 pounds) over, like I always do, and I guess the long travel was an issue," he said. "I’m really disappointed at myself for not making weight, but I know I’m ready to fight. If the fight doesn’t happen it’s because of this paper champion’s demands. He’s treating two pounds as 20 pounds. That’s what I think."

If Askren-Santos ends up not happening Friday, ONE Championship 35 will be headlined by Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke vs. Yago Bryan.

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