Walk-out music: my picks and yours (?)

Hi All,

This is my first ever fan post and first time writing anything more than a few paragraphs, since uni, so I apologize in advance for; any grammatical errors; continuity issues; or overlong sentences with too many commas.

Being a relatively new MMA fan (think the 1st fight I watched live on TV was Machida-Davis), the first thing that really stuck out about an MMA show was the walk-outs. I think it's (sometimes) not just a great vehicle to hype up the crowd and viewers, but also an effective way to communicate some aspect of what the fighter represents. It can definitely add some color to the mythology of the greats eg.

That one always gives me chills. Fedor was (arguably for some) well past his prime, but for some reason when I watch this it's hard to divorce the mythology of the stoic, destroyer of worlds/crusher of dreams ,undefeated in 10 years, immortal Russian killing machine that was Pride-era Fedor; to but a mere mortal who's last win over a credible opponent, had been over two years ago.

Anyway I'd like to share some of my other favorite walk-outs:

I dare you to watch this one and not crack a smile.

Speaks for itself. As all of you know, some of the most entertaining and bizzare walk-outs come from the Japanese. This one goes a long way to dispelling the douchey nu-metal, knuckle-dragging image the UFC has to many outsiders and adds some much needed humor to a promotion ran by a man that sometimes takes himself a little too seriously. What better way to challenge the dumb, contrived, bro-dude attempts at masculinity that are often linked with the MMA world; than a Japanese dude in a shiny dress performing a choreographed dance to some bubblegum pop music, with two hulking backup dancers/corner-men.

Another favorite by a fighter from the 'land of the rising sun' and contender for greatest walk-out ever goes to the man of many talents; singer; actor; choreographer; composer; author, kick-boxer; and MMA fighter, the one-of-a-kind, entertainer extraordinaire - Genki Sudo!

This one was just ridiculous for the fact that it probably cost more to put on than the average win/show for your average UFC fighter today. Was a great and very memorable way to end a career(*) coming on a f**kin palaquin for god sakes.

Now for a couple I don't think have ever been used but would love to see some day.

From my favorite movie as a kid:

Now for one of my favorite movies as an adult:

Another gem from Morricone (Great film too):

(highly unlikely to hear any of these ones for the walk to the octagon, as if I remember hearing correctly the UFC nixed the use of soundtracks, possibly due to licencing costs)

Last but not least one that I think works pretty well dynamically, but probably not lyrically:

Now for some questions for the three people that might scan through this:

Anyway, what walk-outs in combat sports do you guys rate as truly memorable?

(As goofy as it sounds) What would you walk out to?

Worst/unintentionally funny walk-out song candidates?

(Would be cool if you could include a link to the video/song)

*NB Again I apologize for the excessive/borderline ludicrous misuse of commas, semi-colons, forward slashes, brackets and possibly one of the worst Fanpost titles ever.

(*)for now out least - wouldn't be surprised if Sakikabara or Inoki try to bring him back for NYE show