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Tim Kennedy: Vitor Belfort deserves 'to be stricken from the books of MMA history'

Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

Tim Kennedy isn't keeping a secret about who he wants to fight next: it's Vitor Belfort.

Days after Belfort knocked out Dan Henderson to earn his first win in the post-TRT era, Kennedy took to Facebook to state his reasons for wanting the Brazilian as his next opponent.

"I am asking for Vitor Belfort for my next fight," Kennedy wrote. "Not because he is slower and fatter (even though he is) or because he can only use slightly less steroids, but because he is treated as a legend. He has been cheating his entire career. He doesn't deserve anything but a good ass whooping and to be stricken from the books of MMA history."

Many within the MMA community referred to Belfort as a legend of the sport following his first-round knockout over Henderson at UFC Fight Night 77 on Saturday.

Belfort, 38, won UFC 12's heavyweight tournament at age 19 and went on to claim the UFC light heavyweight title in 2004 with a 49-second victory due to a nasty cut against Randy Couture.

Belfort's résumé is as extensive as one would expect for a fighter who debuted during the No Holds Barred days of the sport, highlighted by victories over fighters of the previous generations -- Wanderlei Silva, Tank Abbott, and Gilbert Yvel -- and those of the current era, such as Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold, and Anthony Johnson.

However his career is marred by a series of drug scandals, including failed tests for performance enhancing drugs in 2006 and 2014, a sketchy drug test prior to his fight against Jon Jones in 2012, and a controversial career revival he underwent in 2013 while taking testosterone replacement therapy.

After briefly considering retirement, Kennedy (18-5) expressed a desire to return to competition on a recent appearance of The MMA Hour. Kennedy targeted the winner of Belfort and Henderson specifically, stating a desire to challenge and defeat all fighters who have dealt with PED issues in the past.

"I want to go fight every single one of them," Kennedy said, "and beat the brakes off of them and kind of put a big exclamation mark that this is a new era of the sport, that the clean athletes, we're going to smash every single one of you cheaters that have historically been making all the big money and cheating your way through it."

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