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Johny Hendricks not ready to commit to middleweight move

Esther Lin photo

Johny Hendricks isn't conceding a move up to middleweight just yet.

The former UFC welterweight champion had to pull out of his scheduled UFC 192 co-main event against Tyron Woodley after his weight cut went awry.

According to's Ariel Helwani on Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight, Hendricks is recovering from his weight cut mishap, which required hospitalization.

And he's planning a mini-weight cut on his own time before deciding whether to go up to 185 pounds or stay at 170.

Hendricks says he plans on dropping body fat over the next month, conducting the weight cut, then making a decision from there based on how his body reacts.

If it doesn't work out, he'll move up to middleweight. If it does, then he'll focus on keeping his weight lower -- he's gotten up as high as 218 between fights -- than he's gotten accustomed to.

Hendricks says he does not have a timetable set for his return to competition.

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