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John Dodson, who holds a win over champion T.J. Dillashaw, moves back to 135

Esther Lin photo

John Dodson is returning to a division in which he's already beaten the reigning champion.

The Jackson's MMA fighter wants to return to action in December or January, and when he does, it will be back at 135 pounds.'s Ariel Helwani broke the news on Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight.

Dodson broke into the UFC through The Ultimate Fighter 14, where he knocked out current champion T.J. Dillashaw to claim the series finale.

Afterwards, he went back to flyweight, where he ran into a familiar pattern: Dodson was successful against everyone except dominant champion Demetrious Johnson, going 0-2 against DJ and 5-0 against the rest of the pack.

According to manager, Ricky Kottenstette, that was just one reason for the move. Although Dodson always made the flyweight limit, getting there was a chore. And with a combination of the USADA-mandated IV rehydration ban and a new drug testing regime that he believes levels the playing field, Dodson feels now's that time to make a move.

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