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Conor McGregor on his 'Go Big' antics: 'I'm the ruler of the numbers'

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If you were expecting Conor McGregor to apologize for his antics at last month's "Go Big" press conference in Las Vegas, guess again.

McGregor seemed ready to pick a fight with everyone else on the stage at the MGM Grand on Sept. 3, and a month later, he's not about to back down.

"By myself I would have whooped everyone's asses there," McGregor said on Monday's special 300th edition of The MMA Hour. "Make no mistake about that."

The UFC interim featherweight champion was feeling flush with success after big numbers came in on his UFC 189 victory over Chad Mendes. And, as one of the sport's top draws, he wanted to let everyone else on the dais know where his priorities lie.

"I essentially set the game on fire there at that press conference," McGregor said. "I flew home to Dublin, Ireland with my sweet, sweet belt and my millions of dollars and I want my next multi nine-figure contract en route. That's what I do, I just let everyone up there know, I let the bosses that weren't up there know what I bring, my worth. Even fights that are linked to my name have main-event status. There's no other fighter in the game that has that."

While he certainly doesn't shy away from showing off his interim title belt, McGregor said what ultimately counts is who has the biggest bank account.

"I said the numbers rule, all the belts in the UFC mean nothing," McGregor said. "Everyone was handed a belt, Jose was handed a belt, the belts mean nothing. Numbers rule in this game and I'm the ruler of the numbers."

McGregor even took a swipe at Luke Rockhold, whose middleweight title fight with Chris Weidman at UFC 194 is the co-main event to McGregor vs. Jose Aldo, to underscore his point.

"What's the middleweight guy, Luke? He was talking about, it's about being number one. I was looking at that schmuck, I was like, ‘listen here, you're on this romantic battler TV show, don't talk to me about this s---. You're a bum, he's a bum, like the rest of them are bums, and I just want to let that be known."

Ultimately, McGregor believes his bombastic behavior at the press conference was merely an assertion of his self-worth.

"My name brings numbers, the association with my name, whatever the results, there will be main event slots after that, that's what my name brings," McGregor said. "It puts you into the spotlight, it gives you that status. I'm well aware these are also cards that I should also be having my hand in the pie as well, I should be getting compensated for these cards as well, I feel. I just went out there and let the facts be known."

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