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UFC 192 live blog: Daniel Cormier vs. Alexander Gustafsson

Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson will square off in the UFC 192 main event Saturday night.
Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson will square off in the UFC 192 main event Saturday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 192 live blog for Daniel Cormier vs. Alexander Gustafsson, a light heavyweight bout at Saturday night's UFC event at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Cormier, who has won four of his past five fights, will face Gustafsson, who has won three of his past five fights, in the main event.

Check out the UFC 192 live blog below.

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Round 1:
Light heavyweight title fight in the main event. Herb Dean is the third man. They touch gloves, and Gustafsson immediately begins with the jab. That's where he wants to keep Cormier. Body kick from Gustafsson, but Cormier ducks in and absolutely slams Gustafsson to the canvas. Wow. Jon Jones couldn't do that against Gusty in five rounds, and Cormier does it inside a minute. Cormier nearly in side control, but Gustafsson recovers full guard. Still, Cormier banging away with his elbows. Gustafsson returns fire from his back. He tries to get up but Cormier lunges forward and keeps him supine. Cormier swimming through the limb tangle in Gustafsson's guard, trying to land. Gusty controlling Cormier's wrists so far. Now allowing Cormier to posture up and get his G&P going. Gustafsson looking for a triangle, and that allows Cormier to slip through and into half-guard. Cormier short elbows from side control, and just when it looks bleak Gustafsson rockets back to his feet. And again, the range. He lands a couple of shots from outside. Cormier not concerned. He lands a leg kick. Big high kick from Gusty, and then Cormier almost takes Gustafsson's head off with a right. Big shots from range here, but neither landing flush. Ten seconds. Gustafsson shoots for a takedown of his own, and as Cormier thwarts it he slips and falls. Good first round, but Cormier with the big middle portion with his wrestling wins it. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Cormier, 10-9.

Round 2: They touch gloves again, and Gustafsson wheels to the outside. Nice right hand from Gustafsson, and that caught Cormier. Cormier continues to be the thing that's orbited around. And it's Gustafsson who fakes a takedown. Now inside in the dirty boxing Gustafsson lights Cormier up. Cormier tries to take him down and now he's pursuing the Swede all over, and it's Gustafsson takes down Cormier! At least for a moment. This is crazy. Now Cormier lands a big shot and that hurts Gustafsson, and they clinch. Uppercuts from Cormier, and Cormier shoots in and pushes Gustafsson to the fence. Big elbows from Gustafsson. Cormier dogged in his pursuit, as they break. Southpaw stance for Gustasson, as the Swede circles. Cormier is wincing, and his eye is bleeding. Knee to the body from Cormier, and Gustafsson lands a counter. Now in the clinch, Cormier with a series of ridiculous uppercuts. Hook on the break from Gustafsson. They are brutalizing each other this round. Each man having his moments. Gustafsson now pawing from distance, trying to land big outside. Right hand from Gustafsson, and Cormier swings wild but misses. Cormier not afraid to stand and trade, and he's not afraid to get inside and trade either. Left hand from DC. It's furious action here. Surely they can't fight at this pace for three more rounds. Cormier lands a right hand, and Gustafsson takes Cormier down! He immediately tries to take DC's back, and they go to fence. Crazy round. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Cormier, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

Round 3: Cormier out quick, and he's trying to fight through the limbs outstretched keeping him at bay. Gustafsson lands a right, and then spins out. Knee to the body from Gustafsson. That one hurt a bit. Leg kick from Cormier, and a short hard uppercut lands from Gustafsson. Wow. Right hand from Cormier, and then a second one that's bigger. Gustafsson bleeding pretty good from his nose, lands an uppercut to Cormier's belly. Again the clinch, and Cormier lands at least four or five big uppercuts. That's been scoring for Cormier, that clinch uppercut. Gustafsson fakes a takedown, and DC sprawled so hard he bellyflopped. He's back up, and throws a leg kick. DC is jabbing now, but he's merely trying to get in range. Gustafsson still light on his feet, but he might be having a hard time breathing through his nose, which is a pulpy, bloody mess. Again the clinch in the center, and Cormier pounds Gustafsson with a series of uppercuts. That has been DC's bread and butter. DC comes in again, and they exchange. Gustafsson is working Cormier's body with rights, and now Gustafsson lands a huge knee that drops Cormier. And another follow-up left! Another knee, as Cormier is up. What a sequence for the Swede! What a round, and the fight is turning into a classic. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Gustafsson, 10-9 (29-28 Cormier overall).

Round 4: Championship rounds. Kick combo low to high from Gustafsson. And now a right, followed by a series of jabs from the Swede. Cormier a little unsure right now. Gustafsson scoops up a leg and tries to dump Cormier, but can't. Still, keeping Cormier off balance. Kick to the body from Gustafsson, and now a backhand from Cormier lands flush. Cormier lands and then chases Gustafsson throwing punches behind him. Great sequence there from Cormier. Blood streaming down Cormier's face. Gustafsson lands two punches and rolls, and now a right hand. He's picking shots, keeping outside. Both men bleeding. Cormeir is now circling, perhaps looking for his point of entrance. Right jab lands flush from Gustafsson. Front kick from Gusty lands. Cormier still pursuing, and Gustafsson lands a knee in counter. Big knee from Gustafsson in clinch, same that hurt him last round. Cormier doing a lot of standing, not threatening the takedowns. They clinch again, and both exchange uppercuts. Kick from Gustafsson might have dropped Cormier, but could have been a slip. This fight is super close. That round could go either way. We'll give it to Cormier. MMA Fighting scores R4 for Cormier, 10-9 (39-37 overall for Cormier)

Round 5:
Final round. Gustafsson has mice under his eyes. Cormier has a cut under his. What a war. They high five. Gustafsson at center, and he begins by landing from range his right jab. Again, Gustafsson waves his hand out there. Gustafsson changes levels and lands. Big right hand from Cormier, though, as he sets that up with his left. Gustafsson wisely rolls out of there. Cormier continues to pressure. They meet again in the center, and Cormier sneaks a right hand through. Quick right hand from Gustafsson stings Cormier, who answers with small flurry coming forward. Gustafsson does the same thing. Now Gusty turns his back and hightails out. Right hand from Gustafsson, right inside. They clinch in the middle, and Cormier trying to sneak some knees through. On the break Gustafsson lands a knee as a parting shot. Both guys very tired. Uppercut from both men, as they clinch again. Cormier had Gustafsson's wrists, and they were locked in limbs toiling. Again, they clinch, as Cormier keeps pressing. Frustrating stuff when they collide. They are tied up in the middle, and exchanging as the crowd lets up a roar. Uppercuts in the clinch from Cormier, and a knee from Gustafsson. That's it. Both men raise their arms. Incredible fight. Gustafsson's face is a mess. MMA Fighting scores R5 for Gustafsson, 10-9 (48-47 overall for Cormier).

UFC 192 official results: Daniel Cormier def. Alexander Gustafsson via split decision (47-48, 48-47, 49-46)

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