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Daniel Cormier calls Nick Diaz's five-year suspension '100 percent wrong'

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LOS ANGELES -- Count Daniel Cormier among those who feel the Nevada Athletic Commission vastly overreached by handing Nick Diaz a five-year suspension earlier this month.

"It's wrong, it's 100 percent wrong and I hope it's overturned," Cormier told on Monday.

Like so many others, Cormier compares Diaz's marijuana-related suspension to less severe penalties the NAC has handed out for far more serious infractions and feels something doesn't add up.

"I thought it was horrible," Cormier said. "You try not to pay too much attention to the internet. But I've got twitter, and you see things. Sometimes you see some of the other things guys have done. And you see, compared to what Nick has done, I understand Nick is a repeat offender, but there's no reason to, I mean, come on. Five years?"

Cormier, however won't go so far as to boycott Las Vegas as a fight location. And that's taking into account the fact he has his own beef with the commission: They didn't even know his name when he showed up last year for his hearing regarding his hotel lobby brawl with Jon Jones at the MGM Grand.

"If I didn't want to fight in Las Vegas, it would be because when I went to my commission meeting, they didn't even know my damn name," Cormier said. "That pissed me off more than Nick Diaz. I don't care, I'll fight anywhere I get paid. But they didn't even know my name. They were all "Hey Floyd! Hey Jon Jones, you're great! Oh you, what's your name again?"

Ultimately, Cormier said that same traits which fellow fighters admire in Diaz are the reasons he ran afoul of the commission.

"He should have gotten a harsh punishment, but it went above and beyond," Cormier said. "A lot of that has to do with the way Nick lives his life. He is who he is, man. Fighters love Nick Diaz. We all love him. He is who he is. He's not going to apologize for being who he is."

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