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Wanderlei Silva's re-hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission postponed

Washington Alves, Inovafoto

Wanderlei Silva will get a second chance to plead his case in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission, it just won't happen this month. Silva's re-hearing was postponed Thursday at a commission meeting in Las Vegas, NV, as a clerical error led to Silva's lawyer Ross Goodman not receiving the necessary paperwork until the day prior.

Goodman also wished to cross-examine UFC executive Kirk Hendrick, who was not present at the meeting. Silva was not present, as well.

Silva, 39, fled from a random drug test in Nevada ahead of his UFC 175 scheduled bout against Chael Sonnen in May 2014. He later admitted to fleeing because he had taken diuretics, a banned substance which he claimed was to help with inflammation in a fractured wrist.

Goodman argued that the NAC did not have proper jurisdiction to randomly test Silva because the Brazilian was not a licensed fighter at the time of the test.

The commission rejected Silva's defense during a Sept. 2014 hearing and slapped him with an unprecedented lifetime ban in the state of Nevada, plus a $70,000 fine.

Silva appealed the ruling, however, and this past May a judge in Nevada district court ruled that the NAC punishment was "in excess of the statutory authority of the agency." The judge also threw out Silva's defense, ruling that the NAC "properly exercised jurisdiction" by issuing the random test.

Nonetheless both the ban and the fine were overturned, setting up the re-hearing that will now take place at a later date.

Silva (35-12-1, 1 NC) is a former Pride FC champion and legendary figure of the sport. He last fought in March 2013, defeating Brian Stann via second-round knockout at UFC on Fuel TV 8. Silva holds additional victories over the likes of Quinton Jackson, Dan Henderson, Michael Bisping, and Ricardo Arona, among others.

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