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Ronda Rousey: Holly Holm will 'enjoy her life a lot more' if she doesn't become champion

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

GLENDALE, Calif. -- Dozens of flashbulbs going off. Media members shouting over each other in an attempt to get a question in. Fans waiting outside the parking lot with signs, hoping just for a glimpse.

These are all things Ronda Rousey has to deal with on a regular basis. And she's not sure Holly Holm, her next opponent, would like the life of a UFC champion so much.

"I think that she'll really enjoy her life a lot more [if she loses]," Rousey said Tuesday at a UFC 193 media day at her Glendale Fighting Club gym. "The life of a champion, I think isn't for everybody. And I think that the life of a contender, it's a lot nicer in a lot of ways. A lot of these girls don't realize until they're the contender and they get all that extra pressure put on that they don't really want that life. I think this kind of environment isn't what Holly would like. I hope that she takes the money that she gets for losing and has a great life that she would like a lot more than this one."

Rousey defends her belt against Holm in the main event of UFC 193 on Nov. 14 in Melbourne, Australia. If Holm wins, it would be a major upset and there would be considerable attention on her. Holm's possible run as champion might not garner nearly as much attention as Rousey's has for various reasons. But either way, "Rowdy" is not really sure the mild-mannered Holm wants to deal with all the difficulties of holding the belt and being in the spotlight.

"I don't think she'd be comfortable with it," Rousey said. "I think it would take away from her quality of life, to be honest. It's a skill I'm still learning. It's not easy, but you have to learn to enjoy certain things, but still stay sharp and not be so relaxed you don't make mistakes. I just don't think it's for some people."

Rousey (12-0) had a similar thing to say about Sara McMann before their fight at UFC 170. Rousey, 28, said that McMann didn't really want to be champion and had other priorities, like her young daughter. Holm doesn't have any children, but it's her kind nature that seems to make Rousey believe she would have a hard time with that lifestyle adjustment.

"She's the kind of person where after I beat her and she makes a lot of money, I'm like, 'Good for her. Buy yourself a Albuquerque house with that,'" Rousey said. "The last chick (Bethe Correia) it was like, she's a big old bitch, I kicked her ass, she made a lot of money and I'm like, 'Oh well, whatever. Have fun with that.' With Holly, I'll genuinely be happy for her and hope that she accepts her loss in a healthy way and enjoys all the benefits that she got from this fight."

None of this means that Rousey is sleeping on Holm. In fact, the undefeated champ thinks Holm will be the toughest fight of her career thus far. Holm is not only a former three-division boxing champion and fantastic athlete who has become a knockout artist with her kicks in mixed martial arts. She also has one of the best teams in the sport around her in JacksonWink MMA. That's not lost on Rousey.

"She's gonna be a bigger challenge than ever," Rousey said. "Everybody tries to come at me different ways. I think their approach is going to be the most strategic and well thought out. But no amount of strategy and thought can beat me. And I'm going to show them that."

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