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Morning Report: Luke Rockhold says he'll finish 'slow, slow, slow' Chris Weidman in second round

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Don't worry about Luke Rockhold lacking any confidence.

The top contender faces UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman Dec. 12 at UFC 194, but Rockhold isn't feeling the pressure of challenging the No. 3 pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

"I don't feel nothing," Rockhold told Submission Radio. "I feel myself going in there and doing my job. That's what I feel. People want to see this as a close fight? I don't see it. I think Chris is going to be tough ... for a round. Maybe two. I'm going to run away with this fight. I'm going to take the belt home. Another belt to AKA [American Kickboxing Academy].

"Chris is just too slow. He's too slow. He's slow. That's all I've got to say. He's slow, slow, slow."

13-0 at 31, Weidman only began fighting as a pro in 2009, but Rockhold feels the champ is actually part of the old guard getting ready to exit the sport.

"I think he's a very tough guy," Rockhold said of Weidman. "I think he's got this division at the right time, but it's a new age. There's a new crop of guys coming up that are on a different level than anyone he's ever faced. I'm leading the way. He's in trouble in a lot of ways. I think our Lyoto Machida fights tell a very different story when we fought the same guy. The Vitor Belfort fight, we shouldn't even talk about it. It's not even in the same realm. We all know what the difference was, there. Anderson Silva is Anderson so who knows how those fights went. I'm more focused on current history."

A training partner of former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier, Rockhold says Weidman won't present issues he isn't used to seeing in the training room.

"I'm not scared of Weidman," said Rockhold. "He's fighting all of these guy that are scared of his wrestling and letting him dictate the pace of the fight. I dictate the pace of my fights. No one else. He's not going to bring anything that I'm not used to. I know he's good on the feet and on the ground but it's the same thing as Machida on the ground.

"I have a different level of speed and athleticism and he's not going to be able to keep up with me. He can't keep up, whether we're on the ground or on the feet, and that's where I plan on exposing every weakness he has."

A southpaw, Rockhold even called his shot on how he plans to stop Weidman.

"I'm going to shut Chris Weidman down in the first round," said Rockhold. "I'm going to expose him in the second round. I'm going to finish him with a left kick followed by a left punch. Simultaneously."



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Victory lap.

So here goes with the big long ass post fight status for the 2nd time now too as I wrote it all out and deleted it by...

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Better luck next time.

No excuse, I had the preparation he needed and the time it took. Thanks to my partners

Thank you so much guys. Was not this time. But I'm going to work harder and more. Give up ever.


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Get well soon.

When you doctor and corner guys think their funny.

Posted by John Wayne Parr on Friday, October 23, 2015




Gonna be popular this year.



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