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Aisling Daly responds to Claudia Gadelha's Twitter taunt: 'I don't care about you'

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Aisling Daly wasn't about to let Claudia Gadelha rain on her parade.

Daly scored a one-sided unanimous decision victory over Ericka Almeida on Saturday at UFC Fight Night 76, in a strawweight bout that doubled as the first women's UFC fight ever held in Ireland.

Afterward, fellow 115-pounder Gadelha turned thumbs down on Daly's performance via Twitter:

Asked at the post-fight press conference if she heard about Gadelha's diss, Daly was dismissive.

"I don't care about you," was Daly's response to Gadelha. "That would be pretty much it. Whatever she thinks or says is completely irrelevant to me. It doesn't affect my level of happiness. I live in this world of positivity and she always has something to say."

That's not to say that the SBG-based Daly, however, would say no if a Gadelha fight is offered.

"If the fight happens, it happens," said Daly, whose win Saturday was the third in her last four fights. "This is a sport and I'll fight anybody. But I don't have time to be getting into Twitter battles. I think she has too much time on her hands and I think she's a bad of a hothead. She overreacts to things."

With that out of the way, Daly took some time to reflect on what was, all in all, a memorable evening at 3Arena.

"It was a huge thing to be part of this," Daly said. "When I started competing in mixed martial arts, Dana was still ‘there will never be women in the Octagon.' So, I definitely took a moment on my walk down to ... I enjoyed every minute of it. It's huge. First women's UFC fight in Ireland, I'm so proud of my acheivement. I came from nowhere and i made this happen."

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