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Carlos Condit won't apologize for getting shot at Robbie Lawler's title

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LOS ANGELES -- When Carlos Condit was informed he was being given a shot at Robbie Lawler's UFC welterweight title, his response was about what you might expect.

"I was super excited," Condit said. "I've been asking for the shot ever since I fought Thiago [Alves]. I was stoked."

Other contenders in the welterweight division, of course, were something less than super excited about the news. While Condit got the Lawler fight off an exciting victory over Alves on May 30, he also vaulted ahead of former champion Johny Hendricks and Tyron Woodley to get the shot.

Both of those fighters own victories over Condit. Neither were pleased that Condit got the nod.

For his part, Condit, the former UFC interim and WEC champion, said he understood why his fellow welterweight competitors were upset.

But at a Thursday press event promoting the Condit-Lawler UFC 195 bout in Las Vegas, Condit wasn't about to apologize for getting the shot.

"I understand where they're coming from," Condit said. "I might be bummed out too, but, I'm not in charge of them or their careers. I'm in charge of trying to get myself into the big fights and get the title shot."

If Hendricks and Woodley want to be mad at anyone, Condit said, it shouldn't be him.

"Ultimately it wasn't my decision being made," Condit said. "I'm going to ask for the title shot. You can't get mad at me if people made that decision."

Condit, who said Thursday he believes Woodley deserves to face the winner of his fight with Lawler, refused to take a swipe at Hendricks for having to drop out of his scheduled UFC 192 fight with Woodley due to a botched weight cut

"It's a bummer," Condit said. "I don't wish that on anybody. I know that he trains hard, and I'm sure he's dedicated to his camp. Something's not clicking with regards to that part of his game, which sucks. I think he'll probably get it together."

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