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Will Georges St-Pierre return? Robbie Lawler, Carlos Condit weigh in

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LOS ANGELES -- Clear signals out of Montreal in recent days have indicated former longtime UFC welterweight champion Georges is planning on seriously considering a return from his two-year retirement.

First, St-Pierre said in a French-language interview that "he's starting to get the feeling" for a comeback. Then, his trainer, TriStar's Firas Zahabisaid on The MMA Hour that GSP has "plenty of fighting left."

For now, though, you'll have to forgive the guys currently at the top of the UFC's 170-pound weight class for not dropping what they're doing to worry about a possible St-Pierre return.

Robbie Lawler defends the championship against former UFC interim and WEC champ Carlos Condit in the main event of UFC 195. And if you've ever seen either of them fight, you know they've each got plenty to worry about.

"Who knows?" Lawler said when asked at a Thursday media event on whether he feels St-Pierre should return. "Are there aliens out there? It's one of those things where, if he comes back, he comes back. If he doesn't, I don't stay up late at night thinking about it."

Condit, of course, has a bit more of a vested interest in a GSP return, as he lost a title unification fight to St-Pierre at UFC 154, and like any elite warrior worth his salt, he wants a do-over.

"I'd like to avenge all my losses, of course," Condit said. "That's always there."

But Condit noted the division is plenty competitive already, regardless whether GSP, who announced his retirement in the weeks following his controversial UFC 167 win over Johny Hendricks, returns.

"He's not around right now," Condit said. "The division is super exciting right now. There's a lot of guys that are really hungry, really dangerous, and anybody can beat anyone on any given night, honestly."

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