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Rio de Janeiro proclaims Oct. 1 as ‘Vale Tudo Day’

Vitor Soares, ALERJ

Grandmaster Helio Gracie, one of the pioneers of mixed martial arts and jiu-jitsu, was honored Thursday at the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (ALERJ).

Created by Andre Lazaroni and approved by the other city deputies, Rio de Janeiro made official on Thursday that Oct. 1 will be celebrated as "Brazilian Vale Tudo Day" in the city, as a tribute to Helio Gracie, born on Oct. 1, 1913.

Lazaroni was joined by Rorion Gracie, Joao Alberto Barreto, Robson Gracie, Alvaro Barreto and Rolker Gracie at the ceremony.

"The ‘Brazilian Vale Tudo Day’, created with the law 7.053, of my own, was remembered today with the presence of the grandmaster Joao Alberto Barreto, Helio Gracie’s sons Rolker and Rorion, who lives in the United States and created the UFC," Lazaroni said Thursday.

"The ‘Vale Tudo Day’ was created especially to celebrate Helio Gracie’s birthday, who would complete, if he was between us, 102 years on October 1st. The roots of the sport are Helio and Carlos (Gracie). I trained jiu-jitsu from seven to 23 years old. That brought me more focus and discipline. Congratulations for your birthday, master."

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