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Morning Report: Donald Cerrone says he feels like a caged bear being poked by Conor McGregor

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

We're nearly two months removed from the UFC's "GO BIG" event, but Donald Cerrone hasn't forgotten about his ol' buddy Conor McGregor.

In Orlando promoting his upcoming bout with lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos Dec. 19 at UFC on FOX 17, Cerrone couldn't help but steer the conversation back to McGregor.

Asked about his face off with Dos Anjos at the "GO BIG" event, Cerrone said it was actually McGregor who got under his skin.

"That was 'McNugget' trying to talk to me," Cerrrone told the Orlando Sentinel. "When we stood face-to-face prior to that? He had nothing to say. I felt like I was an exhibit at the zoo and the cage was put up so he could poke the bear through the cage. When he was standing next to the bear he didn't have anything to say. That's what it felt like. I would have mauled his ass back there."

Complimented for his ability to fight so regularly, Cerrone says he's just trying to keep up with McGregor.

"I don't understand why these guys pull out of fights," said Cerrone. "Don't want to take fights. Only fight once a year. Maybe they're making a lot more [than I am]. Maybe they're making 'McGregor money.' That's what I need to get. Funny thing is, once you're making McGregor money, seven million, I would still fight six times a year. Now I'm making six times ... that's just a mathematical equation that I want my right pocket as big as my left pocket."

Following the interview, Cerrone took another dig at McGregor when he sarcastically called himself "a stick in the mud" talking about a possible move to welterweight. McGregor used the same phrase referring to Cerrone at the event in September.

"I tried to go to 170 [pounds]," Cerrone told fans on his Periscope. "[UFC president] Dana White and [UFC CEO] Lorenzo Fertitta, they tell me I'm staying at 155. I've tried to go up and take fights at 170. Not happening.

"I thought I'm at 'stick in the mud' at 155? I hate being a stick in the mud so who knows?"



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Congrats on the career.





Just one more reason why I enjoyed throwing this dude on his head and strangling him. #Classless #NoSportsmanship

Posted by Mike "Maverick" Chiesa on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Are we not fighters or alpha males? Are you not man enough to accept a challenge? Every time I've been asked to fight someone I've said ok let's do it without a doubt.
If he feels her is the number one contender then prove it to all of us!
I'd have even more respect if they could say Yes or No...




All the call outs.


Giving back.

Upcoming appearances in aid of the homeless crisis in Ireland. Tonight I will be in The Foundry in Waterford....

Posted by Conor McGregor on Friday, October 16, 2015


Get well soon.



Had to! This is unreal. Love ur dress @danawhiteufc next time we go trick-or-treating you should wear that. @ufc

A photo posted by Urijah Faber (@urijahfaber) on



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Brian Foster vs. Joao Zeferino at WSOF 25

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Islam Mamedov vs. Jorge Patino at WSOF 25



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via bindog.

Best Wrestling Documentary:ESPN-"The Season"-Iowa Hawkeye's Men of the Mat-"Win you live-Lose You Die" Tom Brands....

I figured I would post this 7 part Documentary that followed the Iowa Wrestling team from the start of the season to the "Toughest Tournamement in the Land" which took place in Albany,NY. This was the year Iowa Featured Freshman Phenom Heavyweight Steve Mocco who explains why he loves wrestling......"Wrestling is a good sport because you can break someone's Will, break their spirit, and change them for the rest of their life...I love it"


Check out the rest of the post here.


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