Best Wrestling Documentary:ESPN-"The Season"-Iowa Hawkeye's Men of the Mat-"Win you live-Lose You Die" Tom Brands....

I figured I would post this 7 part Documentary that followed the Iowa Wrestling team from the start of the season to the "Toughest Tournamement in the Land" which took place in Albany,NY. This was the year Iowa Featured Freshman Phenom Heavyweight Steve Mocco who explains why he loves wrestling......"Wrestling is a good sport because you can break someone's Will, break their spirit, and change them for the rest of their life...I love it"

If you ever wondered what it takes to be on the level of an NCAA wrestler, this is the only inside look you get and this is actually the PG version....Coaches are must worse than Brands in some places, and all rooms are torture.If you are not from America you will have a better understanding of what it means when you hear Goldie call someone an "All American" or "National Champ". American Wrestling is complex but Division 1 NCAA wrestling is the Gold standard in most cases with rare exceptions. Cutting weight is actually discussed as well..Really good documentary from 2001 I believe? Enjoy. It is bad ass.

Here is the link for part 1, the others are right next to it on you tube.

If you are a diehard fan you will remember Shane Roller who joined the WEC and Team Takedown with Hendricks and Rosholt...He is the guy at the end of the Iowa St. Dual Meet who hits the single leg as time expires....Winning an NCAA title is all anyone cares about at this level, it is the dream of every wrestler, this is the best of the best. I once heard a great quote from a wrestling coach went something like this...

Whoever wins First period is the better technical wrestler, 2nd period is the person with the best cardio, winner of last period is the person with the biggest heart."

I didn't proof read and just typed this out quickly but if you are a sports fan or grappling/MMA fan, this is the best film done imo.