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Morning Report: Urijah Faber talks bathroom disaster, fighting T.J. Dillashaw and Chad Mendes' broken foot at UFC 189

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It's been a rough week for Urijah Faber.

As if having a UFC champion leave your camp wasn't bad enough, Faber spent his weekend cleaning up the unspeakable after a drunk stranger wandered into his home, locked herself inside a bathroom and proceeded to lower real estate values.

"It was the most bizarre thing ever," Faber told the Opie and Jim Norton Show. "It took me hours to [clean up]. I was trying to think if there was someone I could call, if there was any 3:00 AM cleaning service. I just had to pony up, roll up my pants and clean this thing up. It was pretty nasty."

Faber doesn't plan on pressing charges. Lucky for her, the woman is No. 2 on Faber's s**t list.

With the high-profile exit of UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw leaving Team Alpha Male to join Colorado's Elevation Fight Team, Faber says he'd have no choice but to accept a booking with his former protege.

"Yea, you know, that all took me by surprise," said Faber. "This was all along the same week when 'The Crapping' happened so it is what it is. At this point, I don't really have a reason not to fight him other than that we've been friends for a long time. Before, it was 'We're on the same team.' We're not, now. I've got to say 'Yes' to it at this point.

"It was kind of similar to the drunken poop lady. It took me by surprise. We had lunch and he mentioned it, that he was getting paid to go somewhere else and I'm like, 'Oh, alright.'"

Faber also had some praise for UFC interim featherweight champ Conor McGregor. Faber spent six weeks coaching opposite McGregor on 'TUF 22,' just after the Irishman scored a TKO over Team Alpha Male's Chad Mendes at UFC 189 in July.

"[Mendes] trained for two weeks," Faber said of Mendes' abbreviated training camp. "He also broke his foot five days into that two weeks. Then he broke his thumb a minute and a half [into the fight]. It wasn't a fair showing, but Conor is good. He's real good. The stand up, especially. He's big for the weight class. I think we saw his grappling isn't the greatest, but he can take a beating.

"He's got that big old melon head. He took a beating and he's got that championship mentality. He's a tough guy. His ground game, I saw some holes, for sure, but he's deserving of what he's got. That's for sure."

Faber faces Frankie Saenz Dec. 12 at UFC 194 while McGregor looks to unify the featherweight title against champion Jose Aldo.



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'I'm just going to be the bigger man.' Banned from Team Alpha Male, TJ Dillashaw says Urijah Faber "threw me under the bus."




Ronda Rousey's mom isn't a fan of her head coach Edmond Tarverdyan.


Never Forget - Chuck Liddell.


Jon Jones making gains.


Highlights from the regional scene.


Carlos Condit talks favorite foods and life after fighting.

Did a quick Twitter Q&A session this afternoon at elevate PHW. I will do another session for Facebook next week! #AskCondit

Posted by Carlos Condit on Tuesday, October 13, 2015




Long watches.

Full fight: ADW 3: Sokoudjou (Cameroon) vs. Buentello (USA)






Joe Beef?


Get well soon.


A lot of takers.




"Go be a model."




Please be careful.





Announced yesterday (Oct. 13 2015)

Lance Palmer vs. TBA at World Series of Fighting 26

Pat Curran out, Justin Lawrence vs. Emmanuel Sanchez at Bellator 145

cancelled Stipe Miocic vs. Ben Rothwell at UFC Fight Night: Duffy vs. Poirier



Not exactly a fanpost but it's noteworthy.

Arnaud TheGame Lepont in Jakarta, Indonesia - A night in Hell after a fight at OneC

September 27
I took me time to decide if I would jeopardize my career and put into words the nightmare night I have been through after my fight in Jakarta...

I have to come back to the event of the night of my fight as it might help other fighters, fix some major issues with OneC and avoid future medical disasters.

My point is not to damage the image of One Championship. This story line reflect a serious fault in their medical protocol and follow up of injured fighters with head and facial traumas that could have lead to something really serious. It should not happen ever again.

If you didn't see my fight, I got the upper hand in the first round, fight been almost stopped due to my Ground and Pound in the first round; and then I came short in the Second Round. Got my right eyebrow sliced open early in the first round and then Ko'ed in the second round on a nose blowing right straight by my opponent.
I go Ko'ed in the Cage then walked out on the cage (Pride and Ego took over) then away from the eyes of the crowd, I passed out again, face planted spitting blood, in the tunnel heading to the lockers.
I had a brief check up by the OneC official doctor who was obviously a little lost with the situation, got a fast check out, then my cornermen took decision to bring me to the hospital.


Check out the rest of the post here. (HT to ‏@superfknmario00)


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