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Nik Lentz responds to 'spoiled little rich kid' B.J. Penn's call out

Esther Lin, Sportsfile

During an in-studio interview with UFC Tonight on Wednesday, UFC Hall of Famer B.J. Penn said that he would come out of retirement it meant shutting up his former nutritionist, Mike Dolce. Dolce and Penn have exchanged words through the media after Dolce helped "The Prodigy" cut to 145 pounds ahead of his last bout against Frankie Edgar.

When the subject was broached on the show, Penn fired a shot — and not just at Dolce.

"I'm sick and tired of talking about Mike Dolce," Penn said. "You know what, Mike Dolce? I put a challenge out right now, you go grab Nik Lentz, that's your boy? Bring him down to 145 [pounds]. I'll run right through him in one round and then I'll find you in the back and I'll smash you, OK? Let's do that right now. I'm ready."

On Thursday, Lentz — who is scheduled to face Danny Castillo at UFC on FOX 17 on Dec. 19 in Orlando — responded to the two-time UFC champion on his Instagram page. It looks like Penn has a welcome back fight on the horizon, should he want it.

"I don't even and have not worked with Dolce for quite some fighting with me will have nothing do do with Dolce...but for the record...f*ck you BJ. You talk too much use to be about actions, but now like the spoiled little rich kid you are, all you do is talk. I'll gladly fight you anytime. So get your mom and daddy to paint you some plans, fly Hawaii out to Vegas, give little baby Penn what he wants and come out of retirement...this time I'll make sure to retire you properly #BringPennBack"

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