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Jon Jones explains why he showed Daniel Cormier 'suck it' gesture after the fight

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Just as the fight between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier began with bad blood, it ended just with the same amount of ugly vitriol in the cage on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

With seconds left in the fight as the two were clinched, Jones raised his arms in victory. Cormier, perhaps confused by Jones' actions, released his grip and stepped back with time still on the clock. Jones responded with two quick punches. Cormier tried to retaliate as the final bell sounded, nearly hitting referee Herb Dean in the process.

Jones addressed the situation at the UFC 182 post-fight press conference.

"Well, I put my hands up," Jones explained. "I was surprised Daniel didn't attack me because we had more time in the fight. Once I realized that he let his guard down, I snuck in two punches before the bell rang.

"After the bell rang, he snuck in a few punches," he continued. "I don't think any of them hit me. I think he almost hit Herb Dean. That's why I gave him the 'suck it' sign, because he tried to hit me after the bell."