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UFC 182 bonuses: Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier earns Fight of the Night

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't just one of the most hotly-anticipated fights in some time or the main event of UFC 182, but Saturday's Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier was also the event's Fight of the Night. UFC President Dana White announced the news at the event's post-fighter press conference. The designation gives Jones and Cormier and additional $50,000 each.

Jones earned a 49-46, 49-46, 49-46 unanimous decision win over Cormier by controlling where the fight took place. When on the outside, Jones was able to mix up his strikes - oblique kicks, side kicks, long straight punches and more - yet, Jones also dominated along the fence and, for the most part, in the clinch.

Cormier certainly had his moments, however. When Jones failed to control the spacing, Cormier made him pay with leaping hooks, leg kicks and straight punches. In round two, arguably Cormier's best round, the two-time Olympian scored with multiple uppercuts and inside body shots.

As the fight wore on, however, Cormier began to fade. By the fourth round, Jones was pushing Cormier to his limit and even scored two scoop double leg takedowns against the fence, the second of which resulted in a delayed ability of Cormier to get to his feet. The fifth was a considerable amount of clinching with neither man taking the clear upper hand, but by then Cormier's fate was sealed.

The headliners weren't the only ones earning bonuses, however. Lightweight Paul Felder and heavyweight Shawn Jordan also scored Performance of the Night bonuses. They, too, claimed an additional $50,000 each.

Felder earned that designation with a dominating win over Team Alpha Male's Danny Castillo. Felder showed fantastic skills everywhere, showing fantastic lateral movement, perfect takedown defense, brutal and consistent leg kicks and sharp, accurate punching. What earned him the prize money, however, was how it finished. As Castillo withdrew his right kick, Felder whipped around into that side with an elbow as Castillo was in close range, landing a spinning back fist flush on the chin. Castillo crashed to the mat and the bout ended immediately.

The KO end came officially at 2:09 at round 2.

Last, but certainly not least, heavyweight Shawn Jordan stopped UFC newcomer Jared Cannonier in the first round with a right hand that clipped the side and semi-back of Cannonier's head that caused him to collapse. Jordan immediately followed up with punches that forced the referee stoppage at 2:57 of round 1.