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UFC 182 live blog: Brad Tavares vs. Nate Marquardt

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Brad Tavares looks to end a two-fight skid against Nate Marquardt at UFC 182.
Brad Tavares looks to end a two-fight skid against Nate Marquardt at UFC 182.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 182 live blog for Brad Tavares vs. Nate Marquardt, a middleweight bout at Saturday night's UFC event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night

Tavares, who has won three of his past five fights, will face Marquardt, who has won two of his past five fights, on the main card.

Check out the UFC 182 live blog below.

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Round 1: Yves Lavigne is the referee for this middleweight bout. They touch them up. Here we go. Couple of left jabs from Tavares, and Marquardt spins around fence. High kick from Marquardt doesn't land, but now they clinch and each sneaks home a couple of short uppercuts before they break. Leg kick from Marquardt. Tavares with a lunging set of jabs, and now a high kick. Leg kick from Marquardt, and he is teasing his left out there trying to set up his power hand. Big leg kick there from the Hawaiian, and that folded Marquardt up for a brief second. Straight jab from Marquardt lands, but he eats a hook in return. The bearded Marquardt stands and plants as Tavares moves in, and both guys ate shots there. Straight high kick from Marquardt, and might have got through -- it definitely got the crowd involved. Leg kick from Marquardt, who is quick to circle out. Again, Tavares with jabs to set up right hand, but can't land it clean. High kick from Tavares is mostly blocked, but he pushes Marquardt back with a hard right hand. Big leg kick from Nate the Great, and Tavares sprints forward. He lands a nice front kick at the bell. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Tavares, 10-9.

Round 2: Exchange in the middle, and Tavares with a push kick as they break. It's Marquardt circling, and now he shoots in for a single-leg, and almost completes takedown, but can't quite -- Tavares back up. He takes center. They both throw leg kicks. Marquardt puts his head down and charges forward with a series of punches, and Tavares ties him up. They split, and Tavares back to center. Marquardt deking and threatening, but not getting much off. Tavares with quick leg kick, which is loud. Straight left jab from Tavares followed by leg kick. Those are beginning to take a toll. Big red welt on Marquardt's leg. He's still buoyant though. Crowd beginning to boo, as both men circle, hesitant to initiate. Another leg kick from Tavares. And another. Marquardt now with a couple of his own. He has some swelling on his face. Marquardt shoots for takedown, and Tavares grabs him and throws him wildly to canvas. That was crazy action, but Marquardt right back up. They toil on fence, with Marquardt doing the dictation here. A couple of knees from Marquardt, as the crowd lights into the fighters for stalling. Marquardt lifts Tavares' leg, but can't spin him down. They break. High kick from Tavares doesn't land. He raises his arms up as the round ends. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Tavares, 10-9 (20-18 overall).

Round 3: They touch them up for the final round. Boom! They swing in the pocket, and Tavares gets the better of the exchange. Marquardt wearing marks. He shoots in for a takedown, and shoves Tavares to fence. So far Tavares' takedown defense has been good. Crowd again showers the fighters with boos, as Marquardt struggles to move the Hawaiian. Lavigne has seen enough, and breaks them. Nice uppercut from Tavaresthere, and that landed. They throw at the same time, and Tavares lands clean with a leg kick. Been the story of this fight. Now Marquardt fishes out a single leg, can't get it down; they fire at range, and Tavares clips him with a right. Not that Marquardt is greatly fading, but Tavares is the fresher fighter. They tie up in the middle, and again, as they break, it's Tavareswho lands the parting show -- a right hand. Inside of two minutes. Tavares with a crisp left jab, and now he comes in high with a kick. Marquardt pushes forward. Right hand from Tavares. And now he fires two upstairs, both which connect. Marquardt clearly looking tired now, as he has his arms low. They trade leg kicks, and Tavares with a jab. And another as the cascade of boos comes back. Tavares with some solid dirty boxing in close, lands a couple of Marquardt, who at this point looks beat. That's it. Tavares raises his arms up in what he thinks will be victory. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Tavares, 10-9 (30-27 overall)

UFC 182 officials results: Brad Tavares def. Nate Marquardt via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)