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Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson's message for Jon Jones: 'Keep your hands up'

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Esther Lin

It's no secret what got Anthony "Rumble" Johnson to a UFC light heavyweight title shot.

The Georgia native hits with the power of a runaway freight train, as Alexander Gustafsson found out on Saturday night in his first career TKO loss.

That also means there will be few surprises when the Blackzilians fighter gets his shot at champion Jon Jones.

So "Rumble" wasn't afraid to say so on the UFC on FOX 14 post-fight show.

"Keep your hands up, because if you don't, lights out," Johnson said on FOX Sports 1.

Johnson, though has no delusions about what he's getting into. He's won nine consecutive fights, with six finishes along the way. Jones, of course, has been champion for four years and his only blemish was a controversial disqualification.

While Jones has risen to every challenge and adapted to each opponent's strength, Johnson plans on sticking with his bread and butter.

"I think I'll be the hardest puncher he's ever faced," Johnson said. "And he's faced a lot of top quality guys. Hopefully I can just do things nobody has done to him. Alexander gave him the worst beating he's ever had. Hopefully I can give him one 10 times worse."

But the beating, should it come to pass, would be strictly business, Johnson insists.

"I never come into a fight with any kind of emotion," Johnson said. "That's what I do and i have fun with it. I have nothing against Jon. This is what we do and we're good at it. We're both alpha males and we want to keep winning."