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Ryan Bader vs. Phil Davis full fight video highlights

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Watch Ryan Bader vs. Phil Davis full fight video highlights from UFC on FOX 14's main card above, courtesy of FOX Sports.

UFC on FOX: Gustafsson vs. Johnson took place January 24, 2015 at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. Ranked light heavyweights Phil Davis (13-3, 1 NC) and Ryan Bader (19-4) clashed on the night's main card, which aired live on FOX. Catch the video highlights above.

For more on Davis vs. Bader, check out the play-by-play by's own Chuck Mindenhall below.

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Round 1: The referee is Marc Goddard. Davis in his usual pink trunks. They touch them up. Bader quickly to center, and Davis does a quick recon lap. Davis comes in low with a punch (to the leg), and Bader throws high. Neither lands. Now Davis comes in and that puts Bader on the bike. Bader comes forward with a three punch combo, and that backs Davis up. Now he lands a stiff jab. Davis shoots, and Bader thwarts the attempt on the fence. That could change some philosophy. Bader waves a left hand and Davis ducks, then counters with big right hand which lands. That put Bader off balance. But he's okay. So far Davis keeping range. Bader comes in again, but doesn't get near enough to land, and Davis counters with body kick. Davis comes up high on a kic, and misses. Bader rolls to his right, staying away from power hand of Davis. They comes together and tie-up in the middle, and on the break Davis lands a looping shot. Davis' stand-up looks good so far. Big overhand right from Bader was mistimed, as Davis was kicking simultaneously. Davis moves in for takedown, but stuffed again. Both do pushkicks. Bader clocks him with a right, and that causes Davis to step back, and he flails a response which is errant. Davis again shoots in, this time half-heartedly. Nothing doing. A two-jab step from Bader, and the round ends. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Bader, 10-9.

Round 2: A few boos could be heard as that first round wound down. Bader out quickly to center, and he tries to hunt Davis down. Nice left from Bader, but Davis shakes it off. The former Penn State wrestler is bobbing his head, changing levels a little bit. Bader steps into a left hand, and that might have landed. Davis tries for takedown attempt, this time seriously, but once again Bader isn't budging. Now they clinch, and the waltz towards fence. On the break, Bader drops a sweet elbow to Davis' temple. High kick from Davis, and it didn't have much behind it. Bader misses on a big left, but Davis is evasive. Nice body kick from Bader, which might have been partially deflected with his forearms. Right hand from Davis lands, and then he follows up with a couple of good-looking kicks. Bader straight left finds its mark. Boos again. Bader with a kick, and right as he deploys Davis shoots. Can't get Bader down, but they tie up and head to fence. Davis trying to get a purchase on Bader, but the sweat is making the bodies glisten. Now Davis in a scramble gets his arms around Bader's waist, and drags him down to the ground. Davis in a good position with Bader on all fours at fence. Bader able to stand up, though, and Davis clinches with him immediately. He stalks forward with Bader back-peddling, and to the fence they push. Davis trying to work some knees into Bader's rib cage from the clunch, and he sneaks a nice short right hand home, too. Now shoulder shrugs from Davis. The round ends with Bader with his back on the links.MMA Fighting scores R2 for Davis, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

Round 3: Bader swiftly back to center. Davis' corner calling for him to throw more kicks, and he obliges right off the bat. A couple of kicks land, and Bader returns fire with one to Davis' body. They come together and trade in a quick flurry in the middle, but Bader peels away. Looping left from Davis. Another kick from Davis, which whiffs. Bader moves forward with a left, and is countered with a Davis right. Bader wants nothing more than to drop the knell on him. Davis though lands a wicked right hand that snapped Bader's head back, and now Davis is trying for a takedown here center cage. Can't get it. Bader coolly walks out, and Davis shoots again. Again, thwarted. Bader continuing to work the jab, and swings a left cross, which misses. The jab is aggravating Davis, who has some swelling on his eye. They come together in the middle again, and they dirty box briefly, each landing short shots. Bader is huffing out there, but he's still throwing fine. Davis, with his hands out like he's navigating through a blizzard, shows a combination and lands a right hand and leg kick. Davis' eye is a mess. But he's landing leg kicks. Bader with another jab. It's Davis with his legs, Bader with his hands. Bader blocks a head kick, and then pushes forward. Superman punch misses, but Davis parlays that into a takedown, but ends up getting taken down by Bader. The round ends with Bader and Davis battling for position on the mat. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Bader, 10-9 (29-28 overall for Bader).

UFC on FOX 14 official results: Ryan Bader def. Phil Davis via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)