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Morning Report: John Kavanagh says Conor McGregor will stop Jose Aldo inside three rounds, blames Joe Rogan for Cathal Pendred fallout

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It's easy to see where Conor McGregor gets it.

While we all love Greg Jackson, it's refreshing to see a coach open up a bit more on some prickly issues.

Thursday, SBG Ireland head trainer John Kavanagh penned a piece for touching on a few of the biggest storylines emerging from Sunday's UFC Fight Night event in Boston.

In preliminary action, SBG welterweight Cathal Pendred scored a controversial unanimous decision victory over Sean Spencer. UFC president Dana White called the decision 'a bad one,' but Kavanagh believes it was Joe Rogan's commentary that created a firestorm of negativity towards his fighter.

"People have been questioning the judges' decision and I think a lot of it has stemmed from Joe Rogan's commentary on the fight," said Kavanagh. "When Joe starts to see one guy getting the upper hand in a fight, his mind seems to be made up and he can't see it any other way. Sean started well so that seemed to settle it for Joe.

"Looking back at the stats from the fight, Sean only landed three or four more significant strikes, whereas Cathal had four takedowns, as well as some submission attempts, and Sean had none. Of course I am slightly biased when it comes to my own fighters - Who isn't? - but I do genuinely feel Cathal did enough."

Moving on to prized pupil McGregor, Kavanagh says the rising superstar revealed to him he felt he was 'operating at about 30 or 40 percent of what he's capable of' in the main event against Dennis Siver.

McGregor earned a title shot against featherweight champion Jose Aldo with a second round TKO stoppage, letting Kavanagh finally ponder the matchup.

"I think Jose will want it to turn into a grappling match early on," said Kavanagh. "As soon as he gets hit he'll start to shoot for takedowns. Basically, similar to when he's fought the guys from Team Alpha Male... but with the roles reversed."

Saying Aldo's five-round wars have 'almost certainly taken a lot out of him,' Kavanagh believes it's time for a new generation to hold the title.

"I think he's slightly on the slide," said Kavanagh. "When you look at his last few fights, three or four years ago he was destroying opponents of that calibre inside a round or two. Now they're all bringing him the distance and having decent exchanges.

"When Conor lands strikes it's devastating, whereas Aldo seems to be happy out-pointing people now. Conor will stop him, maybe in the second or third round, but I do believe he'll stop him."



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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via Emmery Myers.

Why Crocop's return is actually a great thing.

News broke yesterday that the UFC has come to terms with Pride and K1 legend Mirko Crocop. While it is obvious this was a move designed to out flank the new Bellator, it isn't nearly as egregious as some fans are making it out to be. This situation is rather comparable to the re-signing, less than one year ago, of Andrei Arlovski; a move similarly laughed off by fans. Fast forward 8 months and Arlovski is currently the number 7 ranked fighter and isn't more than two KOs from a title fight. What earned Arlovski his return after his Zuffa release following an utterly dismal 0-4 run was a 6-1-1 series of fights against average competition, juxtaposed against a severe lack of star power and depth at HW. Since the last time Mirko Crocop graced the Octagon, he has claimed a K1 title, become a top ten ranked HW kickboxer and gone 3-1 in MMA, including two wins over the highly regarded Satori Ishii, who was probably considered the best Non-UFC HW outside whatever Russian-of-the-week is holding the Bellator title at the moment. If Arlovski deserved another shot, surely we can made the same concession for Crocop given what success he has found.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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