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Kimbo Slice calls out Seth Petruzelli, Tito Ortiz for Bellator debut

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It's been a long time since Kimbo Slice, aka Kevin Ferguson, last entered a mixed martial arts cage. The street fighting legend, who rose to national prominence with a string of internet brawl videos in the early aughts then parlayed his fame into an absurdly lucrative MMA career with pit-stops in Elite XC and the UFC, inked a surprising multi-fight deal with Bellator last week, and even after five years away from the sport, Slice remains willing to take on all comers.

"I don't even know who's there right now (in Bellator) as heavyweights. But s**t, anybody. Just feed me. I'm ready to be fed," Slice said on Tuesday's edition of The MMA Hour.

One name in particular caught Slice's attention, and it was a man familiar to the soon-to-be 41-year-old: none other than Seth Petruzelli.

In many ways, Petruzelli became the fighter to end the myth of Slice when he accepted a last-second fight against the street brawler back in 2008, then proceeded to knock out Slice on national television in just 14 seconds. Up to that point, Slice had effectively served as the poster boy for promotion EliteXC, and his anticlimactic loss to a relative unknown ended up sinking the company.

Petruzelli's career largely floundered following that night. He announced his retirement last June after suffering back-to-back first-round KO/TKO losses, however all three of Petruzelli's most recent fights were fought under the Bellator umbrella, so the option is there if Bellator wanted to book a rematch against Slice.

"I'm sure they would. I mean, they should. I mean, I would love to," Slice said of the idea. "I owe that dude one. The nature of it, I could complain all day long on this and that, but s**t, it just went down the way it went down, but goddamn I owe him one."

Slice also added one more name to his callout list.

"S**t, you know they could put Tito (Ortiz) on that plane, too," he said. "For sure. I got a bone to pick with that dude, man.

"Ain't no problem with him yet, but you know, from back in the Strikeforce days, I was handling s**t about him calling me out and talking s**t about me, so yeah, we could definitely put that in the making. He's gotta have a problem with my hand game."

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