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Jose Aldo ‘would love’ to shut up Conor McGregor fans in Ireland

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Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo faced tough competition during the UFC Fight Night 59 Q&A session Saturday afternoon in Boston.

In front of dozens of Conor McGregor fans, Aldo spoke about facing the Irish superstar, who will earn a shot at the 145-featherweight title if victorious Sunday night against Dennis Siver on Sunday night.

"I already have a game plan in my mind," Aldo said of a potential bout with "The Notorious". "I’m the king, he’s the joker, and I will make him pay. He will continue to be the joker. I’m the king, the other one (Chad Mendes) is the prince, and he’s the joker."

Aldo, who said in the past he would prefer to fight McGregor in Brazil, explained why he would take this fight with McGregor in a 60,000-seat soccer stadium in Ireland.

"I would love to," Aldo said of fighting McGregor in Ireland. "Watching this Irish crowd in silence would be historical. I don’t see any problems with that. I don’t understand anything you say, so I don’t care."

McGregor always has bold predictions for his fights, and Aldo bring his own.

"I don’t see anything besides the win. I know how it’s going to be, and it’s going to be quick," he said. "I’m sad for all of you, who are imagining one thing, and will be sad with what I’m going to do (to McGregor)."

"If he loses tomorrow, he will get beat up twice," he added. "Once by Siver, and again by me."

When a fan asked Aldo if he’s keeping his belt clean for McGregor, he had an answer ready.

"That will never happen because I will beat him and continue to be the champion," Aldo said. "I never take my belt to any of my fights, so he will never see it. He’s the joker, so he will have to continue with his fake belt."

When the Q&A was about to end, Aldo said he expected more from the Irish crowd in Boston.

"When I beat him, I will sit down with my team and think what’s next," the Brazilian said. "Right now I’m relaxed, enjoying this moment. It’s fun. I expected more (from the crowd)."