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Jon Jones’ stint in drug treatment facility reportedly lasted one night

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jon Jones entered a drug treatment facility last week after testing positive for a cocaine metabolite in an out-of-competition drug test on Dec. 4, but he is reportedly already out of the rehab facility.

When the drug test result was announced, UFC president Dana White said he was "proud of Jon Jones for making the decision to enter a drug treatment facility," confident that the UFC light heavyweight champion would "emerge from this program like the champion he truly is."

According to CBS affiliate WBNG Action Sports,  the 27-year-old fighter left the rehab program after just one night, but Jones’ mother, Camille Jones, said he will continue to learn more about the subject.

"I'm glad that this happened to Jon, this stopped him in his tracks, this let him know that he may need to change some friends, you know, because everyone is not for you for the best," Camille Jones said. "So this is a good thing as far as our family is concerned, so we wasn't upset. Me and my husband considered it a blessing from God that our child was able to be helped and know that he need to stop and know that he needed the assistance to stop before it came to something worse."

Jones’ mother said that the UFC champion was honest with her when the drug test result was announced, and he "needed to be caught".

"When he tested positive, my first question was, do you have a problem, a serious problem?" she said. "And then he told me what happened. Jon is usually very honest with me, so he told me what happened. I was like, good for you....good. You needed to be caught, it was just timing.

"You know, it did not affect his game, it was not in his system during the fight, so he's still a good athlete. So before something becomes serious of it, I was glad it was nipped in the butt."

Jones is planning on attending the AFC championship game this Sunday, according to the report. His younger brother Chandler Jones plays for the New England Patriots, while older brother Arthur Jones plays for the Indianapolis Colts.