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Georges St-Pierre regrets famous 'I'm not impressed by your performance' line

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Esther Lin

"I'm not impressed by your performance" is one of mixed martial arts' iconic catchphrases.

But the man who uttered those words wishes he never had.

Longtime UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre said those words to then-champion Matt Hughes in 2006, just after Hughes had successfully defended his championship against B.J. Penn in one of the UFC's most legendary battles.

Hughes looked terrible against Penn, the man who had defeated him in the title, over the first two rounds of their UFC 63 fight in Anaheim, Calif., before Penn gassed and Hughes rallied for a third-round TKO.

St-Pierre, who was set to challenge Hughes two months later at UFC 65, entered the Octagon and made his famous statement.

"I'm very glad you won that fight, Matt, but I'm not impressed by your performance, and I look forward to fight you in the near future," St-Pierre said.

But in the latest edition of UFC Fight Pass' critically acclaimed series Fightography, St-Pierre says if he could do it all over again, he wouldn't have taken to the mic and trash-talked the Hall of Famer.

"It's not my style to go in," St-Pierre said on Fightography, "and it was very low-class from my part to go in there and ruin his celebration."

St-Pierre went on to defeat Hughes via second-round TKO in Sacramento, Calif. to start the first of his two UFC welterweight title reigns.