When there is no room for their chance.

Hear that Nick Diaz? Anderson gets a title shot for beating you even though you lost to Condit and George St.Pierre back in 2012 & 2013. Imagine being someone who actually fights several times a year attempting to get at that belt and doesn't make anywhere near the money you two are going to make?

If Nick wins, we will hear nonsense about how he deserves a title shot but at least anderson would fight some one else and so would Nick. Jacare pops in (The best option).

If Anderson wins. This is where it gets hard to breathe for up and coming fighters.

Anderson fights Weidman for #3.

IF, Anderson wins...all the other fighters get delayed to watch Weidman/Anderson #4.

That means there could be a five and I'm not looking forward to this plausible scenario.

Conclusion: War Diaz, Go Weidman and hello Jacare.