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Thiago Silva denies all wrongdoing in alleged domestic assault of ex-wife: 'Everything she said was a lie'

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Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

Speaking publicly for the first time since a Florida judge dropped all charges levied against him stemming from an alleged early-February altercation with his ex-wife, newly re-signed UFC fighter Thiago Silva denied any wrongdoing and suggested that the alleged victim, Thaysa Kamiji, falsified the accusations which ultimately led to his arrest.

"The truth is they didn't find no proof," Silva said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "I never pointed any gun at my ex-wife, I never tried to hurt (her). Everything she said was a lie. So that's the truth. The state, they couldn't prove another thing, so that's the truth.

"I'm just glad the truth came out," Silva added. "[The UFC] trust me, they knew I didn't do nothing, so they gave me my job back. So I'm very glad for this."

Silva (16-3, 2 NC) faced various charges ranging from aggravated assault and battery to sending threatening texts as a result of statements Kamiji made in a police report following the February 6th armed standoff with members of the Broward County Sheriff's Office that led to Silva's arrest. Kamiji, Silva's then-estranged wife, claimed that the UFC fighter had threatened her life several times, from placing a revolver inside her mouth, to indicating that he would shoot up the jiu-jitsu school of Pablo Popovitch.

Silva ultimately served 30 days in jail while awaiting trial, however the charges were abruptly dropped late last week. A representative from the Broward County State Attorney's Office informed that the case was thrown out because "the victim (Kamiji) was uncooperative, and investigators determined that she has likely moved out of the country."

"I don't want to talk about that," Silva responded when asked to tell his side of the story. "I'm here to talk about my professional fights, my comeback to the UFC. I really don't want to talk about my [personal] life. I think that's not good for me. I don't want to work with this anymore. I'm done with that.

"Here the thing," Silva continued. "I didn't do nothing. She said I pointed a gun at her, I tried to hurt her. I didn't point any gun, I didn't try to hurt her, you know? I wanted divorce, she wanted money, I didn't want to give the money, she set me up, that's the truth.

"I just wanted the divorce. I didn't want to stay with the girl anymore. She wanted a lot, she asked for a lot of money to sign the divorce. I said no, she set me up. That's it."

The UFC moved quickly to re-sign Silva once his charges where dropped, even despite prior declarations from UFC President Dana White that the Brazilian would "never fight in the UFC again." And for this, Silva is grateful.

"I think if I was in his position, I would've done the same, because he didn't know what's going on," Silva said of White's past statements. "So I didn't blame him. I had to be patient."

Silva characterized his time in jail as the equivalent of living 30 days inside a gas station restroom. He said he was placed in isolation in a "special unit" because officers considered him "a danger" to other inmates. Silva also expressed his frustration at being locked up for 30 days despite an apparent lack of evidence, speculating that it was "good publicity for the city" because of the notoriety of his case.

"(I knew this wasn't the end of my career) because I knew the truth," Silva said. "Like I said, I had to be patient. There was nothing I could do. You gotta be patient. You don't want to think stupid things, you know? If you know the truth, you know the truth is going to come out. It's very simple."

Silva stated unequivocally on Monday that he has had no contact with Kamiji since his release from jail, is currently unaware of her whereabouts, and intends to have no further relationship with Popovitch. The 31-year-old light heavyweight is rehabilitating a torn ACL in his knee, but hopes to compete sometime in early-2015 and finally move past this dark chapter of his life.

"I don't care what people think," Silva said. "I'm going to do my job. I'm going to keep focusing on my training, and that's it. They will forget. They always do. I just can control what I do, not other people. So they can say whatever they want, but I'll be ready next year healthy, stronger, and fighting hard I always do."