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Gina Carano plans on filming two movies before end of year

A proposed women's bantamweight title fight with Ronda Rousey vs. Gina Carano, which would be among the most marketable fights UFC could put together right now, is no longer a short-term possibility with Carano signing on to do two movies between now and the end of the year.

Esther Lin, Showtime

It looks like the UFC is going to have to look at the current active roster for the next opponent for Ronda Rousey, as Gina Carano will be filming two movies between now and the end of the year.

Carano's manager, Scott Karp, told MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani that the 32-year-old Carano (7-1), who hasn't fought in five years, will be filming a movie called "Bus 657," which features Robert DeNiro, in October, and film a second movie in December.

UFC had attempted to make a Rousey vs. Carano fight for the women's bantamweight title for either the end of this year or early next year. Rousey herself had said several times it was a match she wanted because she credited Carano with helping build the women's side of the sport and being the reason Rousey went into MMA.

Carano will be joined in the cast of "Bus 657," by Dave Bautista, who fought once in MMA, but is best known for his role as "Drax the Destroyer," in the summer hit "Guardians of the Galaxy," and before that, as a pro wrestling star for World Wrestling Entertainment. Others listed for starring roles are Jeffrey Dean Morgan of "Watchman" and Kate Bosworth of "Superman Returns."

Carano will play a police officer in pursuit of two men, played by Morgan and Bautista, who attempt to hijack two buses filled with hostages in a casino robbery.

While the idea of Rousey vs. Carano has been criticized because Carano has not been active in the sport, it may have been the most marketable women's fight UFC could possibly put on at this point in time.

Carano was responsible for the initial wave of popularity of women's MMA. Her fights on CBS would see in excess of one million new viewers tune in when she was on the air, numbers that only a handful of fighters in history have ever reached. Before Rousey came along, the Carano vs. Cris Cyborg fight in 2009, which was Carano's last fight, was a  huge success, drawing at the time the highest ratings MMA ever did on Showtime.

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