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Dana White on Wanderlei Silva's NAC punishment: 'You can't run from a drug test'

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Inovafoto, UFC

UFC president Dana White didn't foresee the Nevada Athletic Commission issuing a lifetime ban to Wanderlei Silva.

But he knew the troubled former champion was in for some sort of major punishment, simply because Silva evaded a drug test and the commission was likely to send a message.

"I didn't see a lifetime ban coming, but probably the worst thing you can do is run from a drug test. You can't run from a drug test," White told Wednesday.

Tuesday, NAC handed down a lifetime ban and a $70,000 fine on Silva for evading a random commission drug test in Las Vegas leading up to a planned UFC 175 fight against Chael Sonnen.

"I think he was trying to put up a smoke screen. Look over here because he does it a few days before he's about to go in front of the Nevada State [sic] Athletic Commission," White said. "The guy ran from a drug test. ... I've been saying it for a long time that he was going to get something serious."

Over the past week, Silva has lashed out at everyone involved in the episode, and has saved some of his harshest words for the UFC. While White hasn't exactly been known as someone to shy away from a verbal joust, he doesn't plan on returning fire this time.

"I've never said a bad thing about Wanderlei Silva in my life," White said. "I've always respected the guy and there is no way that guy can ever say that myself or Lorenzo Fertitta ever disrespected him. There's nothing more that needs to be said."